Have You Been To A Silent Disco Yet? It’s The Quietest Fun You’ll Ever Have!

If you’ve not been to a silent disco yet then it’s about time you changed that! Popular at festivals and nightclubs alike, silent discos are a relatively new craze that more and more people are getting into. It’s like nothing you have ever experienced before! So if you love music, you love dancing, and you love trying out new things, then it’s about time you boogied on up to your first silent disco – you won’t look back!

So, What Exactly IS a Silent Disco?

A silent disco is just that – silent – to everybody expect you! You go along to a venue or a tent, and you get given a set of quality headphones on your way in. These have a control on them where you can tune into different frequencies. Then, you enter the disco, and flick through the music that is on offer until you find something you’d like to dance to. The music comes up really loud in your ears, giving you the impression that everybody else is listening to it too. But they’re not! They are busy dancing away to their own soundtrack that could be the same as yours, or it could not! The end result is a room full of people with headphones on, all dancing to different rhythms and sounds. It’s bonkers – but it always goes down a storm!

What are the Benefits

Well, firstly it’s definitely got the novelty factor! So, if you and your friends are feeling like doing something a little different, then this will tick all the boxes. Because it is silent, it is very neighbour-friendly, so it attracts very few complaints, if any, from anybody nearby. Festivals often hold silent discos at night when younger kids are sleeping – the adults can still have their fun without waking them up! DJs love it because it gives them a chance to compete with each other – they see how many people are dancing to their tracks compared to other DJs’ tracks.

What’s the History Behind it

Although silent discos were happening in some form or another, years ago, they only came to prominence in 2005 when the famous Glastonbury festival in England held a huge one; using wireless headsets. Now it’s popular for corporate parties, festivals, venues and even at village halls. Everybody is getting on board!

What Else Can I Do With Headphones On?!

The silent disco has given people loads of ideas for other ways to have silent parties. Bands have held ‘silent’ gigs, crowds gather in busy shopping centers with their headphones to ‘flash mob’ in the streets by dancing en masse. In 2008, a venue in London held a ‘battle of the bands’ which was completely silent, putting two bands on at the same time at either end of the room and letting the audience choose their favourite via their headphones.

Silent discos are going to grow in popularity – there’s no doubt. With ever-improving technology, headphones are getting better and better, so it’s only a matter of time before every single festival in the land offers this option! Shh!

Today’s feature writer, Jenny Wadlow, is a freelance blogger who writes about various topics that interest her. She is a fan of electronic music and suggests getting the best headset so that you can feel their deep bass. She is an outgoing person and likes to be with friends.


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