7 Ways To Give Your Car A Fashion Makeover


Taking pride in your automobile is important.  Not only is a vehicle a big investment, but it also symbolizes yourself, and not to mention taking care of your automobile will make resale value much better!  There is a variety of accessories for any type of vehicle from personalizing your vehicle to simply covering your vehicle to protect it.

Seat Covers

Seat covers come in sizes to fit any vehicle and offers the best way to hide any food and drink spills, pet stains and normal wear and tear from simply sitting in the car.  You can find basic nylon  seat covers, leather seat covers, and even personalized seat covers!

Floor Boards

Climbing in and out of a vehicle in weather conditions such as rain and snow wreaks havoc on floor boards!  You can easily change out floor mats to heavy duty leather or even plush pile carpeted mats for added comfort on your feet.

Steering Wheel Covers

Having a nice steering wheel is important not only for the look, but for comfort.  When you do a lot of driving, having a comfortable grip on the wheel is always a nice touch!  For an expensive luxury look, there are wood steering wheel covers that come in different types of wood grain looks, or if you are in the market for something sportier, carbon fiber wheel covers also can be custom ordered.


Accessorizing the appearance on the outside of the vehicle adds a touch of class to almost any vehicle.  Hitch covers as seen on AMG Emblems are fun, and of course spoilers are a great accessory to draw attention to a vehicle. Factory spoilers are designed to look like the car was built with it already attached.  These spoilers are designed to the flow of the vehicle with a more subtle look.  Lip spoilers are not too tall or too wide, they give any type of vehicle a more sleek look.

Roof Wings

Rear roof wings give the vehicle a more contemporary, edgy look.  These are custom made to fit any vehicle also, but rear roof wings with make an automobile really stand out!

Body Kits

If you want to totally reimage your car, body kits are available to accessorize a vehicle.  Side skirts, hood scoops and bumpers are sure ways to make your vehicle unique.

Body kits come in urethane, carbon fiber and fiberglass, with the fiberglass selection being most popular.  Fiberglass kits are more flexible and making the install easier and fiberglass won’t warp, regardless of the temperature.  Certain road materials such as tar, dirt and rock can get onto your vehicle destroying you finish, protect it with splash guards!  These durable guards are made from heavy duty thermal plastic, yet remains flexible, and can even be made to custom fit your vehicle!


Maybe you want to improve the speed and performance of your vehicle.  There are a huge variety of different tires and wheels are on the market designed for performance.

If you are a proud owner of an outstanding vehicle, make it more noticeable on the streets with car accessories, there are many to choose from and something to please everyone!

Leave it up to Missouri’s C. Johnson to get to the point and provide an informative walk through approach.  Whether she is writing about car accessories or marriage helps, she makes it count.

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