Benefits & Drawbacks Of Dating A Doctor


In general, doctors command prestige and respect in society for the work they perform. Combine this with a substantial income and you have an attractive partner for a relationship or marriage. However, the spouse or partner of a doctor comes with its share of challenges as well. If you are considering becoming involved with a doctor, there are pros and cons to think about beforehand:

Benefits of Dating a Doctor

You will live comfortably. Traditionally, doctors are one of the highest-paid professional groups in the country. In general, earnings can exceed those of an engineer or a college teacher, depending on the exact type of medical profession. However, there is still a wide range stemming from various disciplines such as family practices, cardiology, obstetrics or oncology. Among these industries, anesthesiologists and cardiac surgeons claim some of the highest earnings in the United States. Additionally, salary is also dependent upon the state or area in which the physician is practicing. By becoming involved with a doctor, you will benefit from living a comfortably life. While large homes, memberships to exclusive clubs and lavish vacations are not necessarily true for all doctors and their partners, many spouses report having these luxuries.

You will have society’s respect. A doctor enjoys a certain degree of social acceptance. Since a physician is physically capable and has the knowledge to heal suffering, they are often looked upon with awe, hope and love by both the patients they treat and their families. As a spouse or partner, you may relish in that respect and love that many are likely to have for the doctor. You will come to realize that a physician has the power to make a difference in the overall well-being and life in another person.

You can raise your kids well. If you decide to date a doctor for a long period of time and you choose to have children together, your children will most likely have a vast amount of intellectual resources and material around them, allowing them a better chance to lead successful adult lives. With having a doctor in your home, your children may be more likely to understand and respect humane and intellectual motivations instead of simply basking in financial success.

A doctor is always on call. This will be beneficial in that you will never need to go anywhere to get a prescription or be treated for an illness, and having a doctor in the home also means that normal medical emergencies such as playground falls and swallowing dimes will need to be attended to immediately with a trip to the emergency room.

Drawbacks to Dating a Doctor

You will put up with erratic hours. One of the biggest downsides to dating a physician is that they notoriously have irregular hours. While this is the very aspect that earns respect within society, it is also a factor which means that physicians have to be at the beck and call of their patients. Doctors must be able to respond in medical emergencies or give attention right away. You may often find yourself cancelling a family vacation or changing a date night for the fourth Saturday in a row as a result of the profession.

You will need to understand romance. If you are considering becoming involved with a doctor, you must also realize that you will need to take on a lighthearted outlook on life. Depending on the profession, a doctor may not even look at you twice if you attempt to dress seductively. Additionally, you will need to have an enormous amount of patience. Because a physician is continuously dealing with patients and healing sicknesses, he or she may not be able to give you full, undivided attention all of the time.

Author Byline:

George Bell manages a doctor dating site. He enjoys blogging about dating tips, relationship trouble, and marriage. When he is not blogging or working, he enjoys relaxing with his wife and family.

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