Top Story – Simple Ways To Get The Attention Of A Bad Boy


Attracting men can be a conundrum. Some women may end up trying to much and may appear to be desperate. Then again, if a woman’s methods are too discreet, she wont get her man. Daily Life is all about balance and so is love. If you’ve ever suffered with attracting good boys, this guide is for you. This guide makes it very easy to find a suitable man. Not only have we included strategies, but we have even given you exact “how-to” explanations of each step as well.

Present a Nice Package

There’s a reason why Maxim magazines virtually fly off the shelves. Males are driven by looks, so your total appearance is important. Like it or not, when a man searches for a woman, the first thing he goes for his her looks. Men want females who dress well, have sexy figures and have pretty hair. Don’t let magazine covers like Maxim get you down though. You don’t have to be like magazine covers, there is no specific rules to how to look. The truth is no matter what your shape or hair type, there is a guy that will find your unique look desirable. One of the main important elements of your appearance is your makeup, this is crucial, if you need help figuring out how to wear makeup then please check online for tons of tutorials.

Don’t Let Wealth get in the Way

Guys will come running to you as long as you have taken pride in your appearance. Being greedy will not help you at all, so don’t do it. One of the biggest turn offs for a man is a gold digger, and a guy can sense it very easily.  Your friends may think it is a good idea or you may have seen it on a movie, but trust me it is a fast way to NOT find a good guy. Most men (if they are gentlemen) will want to pay for your dinner on the first meal, if they do then accept the gesture.  If your guy ask you pay for your own meal then this person may not be the best selection, as gentleman is eager to pay for their ladies.

 Dress In Red Go Out with No More than Two Friends

Guys are not going to come to your apartment, you have to put in some effort and go out and look. It will be painless to find a guy as long as the playing field is small, so make sure you keep your crowd at home, don’t go out with any more than just a one or two girlfriends.The problem with taking to many of your female friends with you, is your potential man may be more into your friends than you, this is certainly not good. If you’re thinking about what to wear when you go out, remember this, if you want to entice a guy partner dress in red.

Seek Men at Public Charity Venues

Charity Events tend to lure those people who have good intentions and morals. No lady wants their next date to be rude, mean, or a jerk, we would rather have a loving man as our partner. Chances are that if he takes time helping other people, he’s a excellent choice. The good thing about Charity Events are there are some for all types of taste. Whether you build houses for Habitat for Humanity or give your time with Big Brothers and Big Sisters, giving back is a great way to find your next date.

Stay Lose and Have a Awesome Time

All Of Us enjoys people who are lose and having a good time, make sure you are enjoying the night instead of bringing it down. People are drawn to to optimistic feelings, this is the type of vibes you want to send out. If you send out a good message then the type of reaction you get will also be a good one, this is what men look for. Communication is all about signs. If you are having a great time, you will inadvertently send out positive nonverbal signals. This will let guys know it’s okay to speak to you.

Your Reputation Makes A Difference

A woman’s reputation means everything, make sure you act “Fashionable” when you are out. Reputation will follow you all over the place and can effect you more than just in your sex life, they are very tough to fix, so make a good impression. Lets admit it, both men and women talk, lets make sure that if somebody is talking about you, it is only good and positive things.

Be Yourself – If they Don’t Love you for You – They are Not Worth it

Everybody is different. Rejoice this fact. You are the best possible you and all others are 2nd rate.    If you are truthful to yourself, it will bring solid matches your way. If you pretend to be whatever you’re not, only bad fits will come your way.  If you ever start to believe that you are less than or need to change, do away with that mindset as quickly as possible. You are the best at being you, never forget that.

Getting a man’s attention isn’t as complicated as it may appear to be.  By going on a great number of dates, you will find that finding men gets easier and a lot easier.   We are here to help if you are nervous about encounter new individuals. Our article is here to assist. Just keep in mind our tricks and everything will work out fine. is dedicated to women, they provide a variety of women tips and suggestions on their website.

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