Top Story – How To Make Your Own Super-Sized 3 Course Meal!


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Ever wanted to super-size delicious foods in the comfort of your own kitchen? Making good food should be a rewarding and fun experience for everyone, after all we have to keep our hungry bellies full! Here is a deliciously monstrous three course meal plan for those with an imaginative and ambitious flare in the kitchen. WARNING: creativity and hunger is a must!

Massively Meaty Croutons To Bulk Up Any Soup Starter!

Homemade croutons are an easy thing to make and boast a crisp freshness that shop-bought croutons lack; if you have never made your own, then this is the recipe to try.

Start off with a good quality French bread, preferably the largest you can find. Then slice into 2cm thick segments. The bread should be at least one day old so it is a little dry, if it isn’t bake the slices in the oven for about 10 minutes.

Melt 6 tablespoons of butter in a large frying pan. Lay the croutons in and do not flip them over until they are toasted on one side. Repeat for the other side then remove from heat and allow to cool before wrapping in streaky bacon and re-frying them in a tablespoon of olive oil. Once the bacon has reached the desired crispiness these meaty croutons can be dunked in your favorite soup.

Mega Meal Time Cheese And Bacon BBQ Meatballs

This wickedly wild recipe uses 750g of extra lean mince with a cheese of your choice for the center, bacon and onions.

Fry off the onion and chopped up bacon (the amount of bacon is up to you, more is always better!) and mix with the mince in a large bowl. Add a tablespoon of Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce, salt and pepper and mix thoroughly. Roll out 1 1/2 inch meatballs and gently push a cube of cheese into the center of each. Fry in a large frying pan for 25-30 minutes on a medium-low heat and enjoy a tasty treat of gargantuan proportions!

The Grand Finale – Giant Chocolate Button Indulgence

One of my personal favorites for all the chocolate lovers out there.  500g of chocolate will make ONE paper plate sized button! Choose a brand of chocolate you would like to use for this recipe and melt 500g of broken up chocolate squares in a glass mixing bowl over a large pan of boiling water. Once the chocolate is melted, pour mixture evenly onto a paper plate and place into the fridge until set. Repeat the process for more massive buttons. Why not have some added fun and create your own super-sized packaging for them?

Remember, making these meals is sure to be a messy endeavor, particularly for those who are having the kids in to help. Be sure to consider using a table protector to minimize and control spills!

Adhere to safe cooking practices especially when making these meals with children. Can’t get enough of these mouth watering epics? Visit and Epic MealTime’s YouTube and comment below to tell us about your favorite recipes!


Emily is a lover of cooking good quality foods and baking sweet things. She enjoys trying ambitious new recipe ideas

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