Top Story: 3 Books You MUST Read Before You Die

power of now

With such a wealth of literary heritage, we often find it difficult to select the right genre, author and book to read for leisure. However, you shouldn’t worry – if you’re a book-lover, you already know that there are many official and nonofficial surveys that aim at defining public choice. For instance, there is the BBC Big Read Survey that shows the most loved novels among the British (their list includes novels by JRR Tolkien, Jane Austen, JK Rowling, etc.). Frankly speaking, I don’t like suchlike lists: they make people read the same books for years, without introducing fresh works. I prefer reading lists where I don’t know a single title.

Below in this post I’m going to present you with a list of the TOP 5 greatest books you must read before you die. Not because everyone on the planet read them – because they can change your way of thinking or even change your life. So, here is the list:

#1 The Art of Happiness by Dalai Lama

This is probably the most must-have book on your bookshelf regardless of your religion, your education and geography. No, it isn’t a boring lecture on how to live – it’s an enthralling and encouraging discussion about what is happiness and the ways to reach it. Reading this great book is a true pleasure. Of course, there are some Buddhistic notes in The Art of Happiness – but they’re not annoying and they have nothing to do with religion. They emphasize on the importance of the personal development for achieving your mental equilibrium, confidence, and thus – happiness. One of the major ideas of this book is that there is the ability to achieve happiness in everybody – everybody can be happy. We can achieve it through clearing our minds, understanding ourselves and developing a good heart.

#2 The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

I think that the title of the book is rather self-explaining. Similarly to the previous book in our list, this novel works on a spiritual level. It helps you understand yourself better and encourages you to think positively. Don’t look back, and don’t be afraid of the future – concentrate your mind on the present moment – Now. Read it, you won’t get disappointed.

#3 1984 by George Orwell

This great novel falls into the group of popular books that keep challenging us for years. Notably, 1984 is still considered to be a very controversial novel that haven’t been properly estimated. It is definitely worth your attention, even if you’re not keen on SCI-FI genre. 1984 teaches us to protect our individual freedoms and stay humane. Although this book was written in 1949, it still has a lot to say. It’s a very re-readable book :)

The first two novels you’ll hardly ever read as a part of your school curriculum, while the third is usually included in many programs. Don’t hesitate to visit to get some insights and inspiration for writing your essays/term papers about this novel.

Aleksey is a web journalist, a co-founder of – a web resource helping students write their research papers. Visit his website to get some inspiration and essay-writing tips!

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