Help Your Man Dress Classy This Summer With These Items


So you love your man, but he dresses like a slob? Not to worry! Stock his closet with these five classy summer essentials, and he’ll have everything he needs for a first-class summer.

The Polo

A short-sleeved, high-quality polo shirt has been the stylish man’s version of a t-shirt for over 50 years. Put your honey in any color you like, although he’ll earn extra points in the class department if he sports pastels or white. Choose a polo made with all cotton, like the Voi Jeans Redford Polo at, and it can look fantastic for years to come.

The Oxford Shirt

Made with fabric that features a handsome, sturdy basket weave pattern, the button-up Oxford shirt makes it easy to achieve a comfortable upscale look every day. Have your man pair his with khakis, khaki shorts, or colored chinos, and fasten all but the top two buttons. Tuck the shirt in, add a grosgrain ribbon belt, and voila– instant summer class.

Cotton Chinos

The word “chinos” refers to pants made from twill, and most guys are familiar with them in the form of khakis. These tan-colored chinos are a classic, easy-to-wear summer staple that your man should be proud to be seen in, but to help your guy achieve an even higher-class look, try a pair in white or bright summer colors. These exude an all-American, JFK-style classiness that’s timeless and fun.

Boat Shoes

Now that your man has a couple of shirts and a few pairs of pants, it’s time to talk footwear. The upper crust of society equates summers with lake houses, sailboats, and yachts, and they consequently wear boat shoes as often as possible. These durable leather shoes look similar to moccasins, but they feature adjustable leather lacing around the top and a non-slip sole. If your man balks at the old-school styling, just get him to try a pair on “for fun.” Boat shoes are so comfortable; he might just be hooked despite himself.

Classic Sunglasses

Nothing polishes off a classy man’s look like a great pair of shades that complements his face shape. The right sunglasses suggest a carefree life of leisure, a breezy Devil-May-Care attitude, and frequent opportunities to be out and enjoying the weather. Choose a classic style, like Aviators or round lenses, and opt for traditional tortoiseshell over plain black. Feel like Old Money yet?

How do you class up your man? Share your stories below!

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