10 Free Music Apps For Your SmartPhone


Music is the one thing which truly rules the apps in your smart phone irrespective of whether you own an Android or an Apple OS. All the top notch smart phone manufacturers make sure that they provide plenty of free music apps in their app world to keep the users interested always. So if you’re one such user who’s on the lookout for some cool, happening music apps, then read on for some of the options available in the market today (all free of course).

1. Pandora:
The first free music app available on all smart phones is the Pandora app which lets users bookmark their favorite radio stations. The best part is that you can shortlist the various artists, genres and songs according to your mood and let Pandora do the rest for you.

2. SoundCloud:
SoundCloud is an enhanced version of YouTube available on the smart phones these days. It provides upcoming artists to upload their videos and songs for others to download. Guess what? Even celebrities like Beyonce use it to upload their songs and clips so that the listeners get to hear the music first hand, without any interruptions.

3. Spotify:
Like Pandora, Spotify is another music app which lets people listen to their favorite radio station, totally free of cost. Although, this is a free version, interested people can upgrade their player by paying $10 to get some additional features. Though, even the free version allows you to listen plenty of songs in an offline mode.

4. GrooveShark:
GrooverShark’s working is pretty much based on its counterparts in the app industry. Accessing the app is extremely easy and it allows you to listen to music absolutely free of cost. So simply login, choose your favorite song and you are all set to rock and roll.

5. Google Music:
Tired of storing all those peppy numbers on your smart phone memory? Well, how does the idea of storing your music on a Cloud sound to you? If you think I’m talking through my hat, then you’re mistaken. Google Music, the uber cool music app, lets you store all your favorite music numbers in their dedicated Cloud Service, totally free of cost. You can store up to 20000 songs, absolutely free of cost.

6. Last .FM
As the name pretty much suggests, the radio app streams music from its online counterpart, channeling it into your smart phone. No more hassles of sitting and downloading music when you can hear music on your phone, absolutely free of cost. The free app is available for Android, Apple and Windows users.

7. Uberhype:
The name itself has a very tingling ring to it. It’s the mobile version of The Hype Machine and is based loosely on the concept of the parent website. Being a music discovery app, it ranks the various songs on their availability and their popularity. The more number of times the song is played, the higher the rank it gets on the music app’s charts.

8. Jango:
Like its parent website, the mobile version is also pretty trendy. Functioning on the lines of Pandora and Spotify, it provides users great utility in terms of the music options available and people can tune into their favorite stations any time of the day.

9. Audiogalaxy
It incorporates the streaming capacity well within the app. Available for Apple users only, Audiogalaxy resembles the iPod layout and provides the user with an ease of access and utility. The music is not stored on your device and you need to upload all your songs via a web interface. All in all, it’s an excellent music app.

10. mSpot Music:
An extended version of iTunes available for all the Apple users out there. It streams the music onto your device, allowing you the play your favorite songs as and when you want it. It’s free and it makes ripples in the app world.

So which app are you choosing today?

This article was written by Kristen Hamilton, apart from contributing to information on African music and entertainment, she loves singing and listening to music.

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