8 Summer Beauty Essentials


Summer is a wonderful, magical, romantic, relaxing time of year.  It is also hot, humid, and uncomfortable!  But just because it is hot doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous.

To look fabulous, you need the best beauty products that were specially designed with summer in mind.  Many people focus on their skin during the sun-scorching summer months.  While that is great, it is not ideal for optimal beauty.  You should never focus on just one aspect of your beauty regimen.

Your hair, makeup and everything else is just as important as your skin.  Here are some products that will help you look great this summer – from top to toe!

1. Sunscreen

While sun protection isn’t the only thing you should worry about, it is worthy of some thought.  So, we’ll get the most obvious out of the way right now!

Invest in some long-lasting, sweat resistant sunscreen.  Check to make sure it protects against both UVA and UVB rays.  If you have sensitive skin, you might need to invest in two bottles; one for your body and one specifically designed for your face.

2.  Lip Balm

It is easy to overlook our lips when slathering on the sunscreen.  But just like the skin on any other part of our body, our lips need a little sun-preventative TLC too.

Look for a lip balm that includes SPF.  When you find one that looks great, tastes yummy, and protects your lips, stock up!  Lip balm is notorious for disappearing at the exact wrong moment!

3.  Aloe

Isn’t it frustrating to come home after a fun day in the sun to find you did get burned, despite your best efforts with the sunscreen?  That is where the aloe comes in.  Aloe won’t be able to undo the damage you’ve inflicted, but it will help soothe the pain.

4. Waterproof Mascara

The summer months are usually packed full of trips to the pool or beach.  Don’t be stuck on the sidelines because you are afraid of being seen without your makeup.  Or worse – with raccoon eyes!

Invest in some waterproof mascara.  Then, you can sashay out of the water knowing your lashes still look plump and fabulous.

5. Light-Colored Eyeshadow

Summer is all about embracing natural beauty.  You don’t need to go crazy with obnoxious colors during the summer.  However, it is beneficial to have some color.  And at the very least, eyeshadow can help protect your lids from the sun (it all comes back to sun protection, huh?!).

Try out various natural, light-colored tones.  For example, a golden shadow could be perfect.  Or, try an apricot.

6. Nature-Inspired Fragrance

Since you’re trying to go natural this summer, make sure nature permeates your scent.  Find something that really highlights the season.  For example, a sweet floral would be great.  Or a citrus aroma brings to mind summer fun.  Something beachy – like coconut – is often very appropriate for summer.

7. Beauty Pillow

A beauty pillow should be a must at any time of the year.  However, it is especially important during the summer.  Acne outbreaks are especially maddening when you have big outings planned with a ton of people – which happens a lot during the summer.

Your face is already taking a beating because of all the sunscreen you are applying on a regular basis.  Don’t add more chemicals to the mix.  Instead, try this all-natural skin care solution to keep breakouts at bay.  Natural skin care products work wonders any time of the year – but they are especially great during the summer.  You’re going natural with your makeup tones and fragrance; why not naturalize your other beauty products too?

8. Pink Nail Polish

No self-respecting female should ever be sans polish on her toes!  Whether you do it yourself or schedule a mani/pedi appointment every week, make sure you cover the essentials all summer long.

Go girly!  Summer is the perfect time to be a little flirty.  Dump those drab hues you’ve been using all winter.  Grab something bright, festive, and feminine.

What do you think of our list of summer beauty essentials?  Do you have any suggestions we left off the list?  Have you gotten all your necessary supplies rounded up already?  Or, which do you still need to pick-up?  Let us know!

Martha Delgado is a health, fitness, and beauty writer.  Do you want to read more of her suggestions for staying healthy and beautiful this summer?  Look her up on Google+ or Twitter!

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