Kanye West Tops Himself With A Worlwide Outdoor Advertising Campaign


Looking for a new place to advertise? How about projecting an advertisement onto the side of buildings? That’s what one advertising group is doing to spread word of Kayne West’s new album, Yeezus, according to Event Magazine. The music video for his latest song “New Slaves” is being projected at a whooping total of 21 locations around Europe

These aren’t just any buildings or locations we’re talking about. The three cities for the advertising campaign are London, Berlin and Paris. These are all cities with major foot traffic, not just locals but tourists too. This means that a lot of people will be seeing the ads and spreading word of the new album. In London, the ad appeared on the Royal Opera House and Tate Modern, among other locations. The Universal Music building and Moritzplatz are hosting the video projection in Berlin. Two locations where people can see the advertisement in Paris are the Pompidou Center and the Arc de Triomphe.

Managing director of the advertising company that created the campaign said, “It’s a privilege to be asked to work with such a huge name. Kanye West’s video is both haunting and sobering, and by projecting it on to some of the world’s most iconic landmarks it creates an astonishing impact and takes performance art to another level.”

According to Mashable, the video was displayed in an additional 45 cities around the world, just before his performance on Saturday Night Live on May 18th. He announced the plans on his Twitter account to go out to his 9.4 million followers. The message read, “NEW SONG AND VISUAL FROM MY NEW ALBUM BEING PROJECTED ACROSS THE GLOBE ON 66 BUILDINGS, LOCATIONS @ KAYNEWEST.COM.” The message spread as 19,161 followers retweeted the message.

This campaign is a perfect example of how advertisers can intertwine traditional and new techniques. Social media and Internet marketing has become a means to promote and spread word of a campaign. Outdoor marketing isn’t something new by any means and neither is using video as a means to advertising, although usually appearing on TV or at the movies. The reach of outdoor advertising is immense, whether you’re using billboards or vehicle wraps, in the center of the city or on a long country road that many people travel on. It’s all about getting the ad in high traffic areas. People will take notice if you know how to get their attention.

We all know that Kayne doesn’t have any trouble getting attention – from interrupting Taylor Swift’s speech to his latest Saturday Night Live performance that he tweeted about. The Atlantic Wire says of the appearance, “Perhaps the most significant reason to tune in is the fact that Kanye West is the musical guest, and he’s making it seem like he really, really doesn’t want to be.” While this does create buzz, negative attention can definitely do harm. That same goes for business. If you’re not luckily enough to be able to afford a publicist, you’ll need an internet marketing agency  for reputation management. The best thing to do is to send out a positive message from the start – on social media and in traditional advertising – and to remember that creativity is key.

Tara McGuiney is a 20-something living in New York working at an ad agency. She loves all things advertising and marketing.

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