Stars That Are Constantly Changing Their Style

For as long as there have been celebrities, there have been trademark celebrity hairstyles. While the days of referring to haircuts by the name of the celebrity who first sported them are pretty much over (unless there’s an imminent nineties revival coming and we’re all soon going to be asking for “Rachels” and “Megs” again), some of today’s stars have found what works and stick with it, which is why you’re unlikely to see Kim Kardashian ditching the shiny sleek dark locks for a bright red pixie cut anytime soon, or Emma Watson adopting waist length blonde curls.

For some stars, however, hair is an area that seems to be in constant flux. While these are all women who have a distinctive style, you never quite know what you’re going to see next when it comes to their hair. Here we take a look at three of today’s most popular celebrities who never seem to wear the same hairstyle twice.

Lady Gaga


Does anybody know what Lady Gaga’s natural hair looks like? From the shorter, more natural styles seen in her videos for Alejandro and Bad Romance (a video which in itself featured about 100 different hairstyles) through to her dramatic wigs and long hair extensions, Gaga has never been tied down to one look. Stars like this uses wigs, hair pieces, pre bonded hair extensions and an army of stylists to achieve their look.

While Gaga is generally pictured with platinum blonde, straight hair with a sharp fringe (a look first seen in her Just Dance promo video), which is why this is how she was drawn for her appearance on The Simpsons, there have been countless other styles she’s been seen with and it is impossible to predict what she’ll do next. She also adorns her hair with theatrical accessories like tiaras, hats and bows to go with her outlandish stage outfits, making the hair itself almost part of a costume, rather than a regular human hairstyle!

Nicky Minaj

nicki minaj

Another big fan of wigs and extensions is Nicky Minaj. Or at least, you have to assume they are extensions and wigs, because nobody’s natural hair could possibly withstand being teased into bizarre gravity defying styles and changed from pink to purple to bright yellow every time she changes her outfit. Nicky Minaj’s hair is unique among celebrities, with an edgy blend of cute, doll like styles almost resembling those of the Japanese Lolita scene and strong, almost neon colors.  Nicky Minaj is a big fan of coordination, so her make up and clothes always match her hair-color-of-the-day perfectly.


Rihanna Turns on the Westfield Christmas Lights in London on November 4, 2010

Rihanna is another star whose hair changes very regularly, though she tends to go for more “real”, edgy looks instead of the kind of drama favored by Lady Gaga or Nicky Minaj. Each one of Rihanna’s hairstyles seems to become her signature look for a while, whether it’s long and bright red, short and shaved on one side, or mid length and choppy, but they never stick around for long.  Because Rihanna’s styles are fairly wearable, each one sparks off a bit of a trend, before being banished to history forever as she adopts yet another striking new look.

If you were looking for a new hairstyle and want something inspired by one of these celebrities, picking through all of the different looks they’ve had to find the one you want could be just as time consuming as going through all of the pictures of different stars in one of those generic hair magazines. However, despite how frequently the length, color, texture and structure of their hair changes, they still manage to retain distinctive and instantly recognizable style traits that are uniquely theirs, and that is what makes them all huge fashion icons.

Jess Toogood opted to get pre bonded hair extensions in a bid to look like Lady Gaga however they didn’t really suit her face. She has since gone for a less iconic look and is happy with her new style.

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