Never Forget Your Keys Again With These 3 Tips

Keys 1

When you leave the house, you probably make sure all the windows and doors are locked so that your home will stay as safe as possible while you are gone. Many homes have self-locking doors, or doors that you can lock from the inside before you head out. The problem with this is that it allows for you to lock yourself out more easily. If you have ever locked yourself out of the house, the following are three tips for remembering your keys the next time you leave.


Similar to real estate, it’s location, location, location. Keeping your keys in the same spot every time you put them down will create a habit and you will be more likely to remember them if they are always where you can find them. If you have to search for them every time you leave, you could get side tracked, or even forget all together that you need to find them before you go. If it helps, you may even want to keep them in a particular dish or on a particular hook. That way as you walk out the door and go over everything you need to do, you can associate the dish or the hook with the keys and remember to pick them up.


If you are like many people, you probably have a lot on your mind and just forget about the keys. Putting a reminder on the door might be the best way to spark your memory. This could be a simple picture of the key, vinyl lettering reminding you to pick them up, or even a piece of paper with a note written on it. Another great way to spark your memory before leaving is to do a count off of everything you need to take with you. For example, before i leave my house every morning I do a 1-2-3 count off, signifying my wallet, keys and phone. Doing this count and checking to make sure they are on me is one of the ways I help myself remember everything I need to take with me in the morning.


If you just don’t trust yourself to remember, or if you want to give yourself some slack, you may want to head to the locksmith to have a spare key made. You can put the key outside your home somewhere that you will remember it, but that nobody else will be able to find it. Some people purchase rocks with holes in the bottom for the key to slide in. Others might put a magnet on the key and stick it behind the rain gutter. Of course, if you don’t think you can even remember the hiding place for your key, you may want to ask a neighbor to hold on to it for you, just in case. As you can see, there are a few ways you can remember your key when you head out somewhere. If you just don’t think you will remember it, heading to the locksmith to get a spare is the next best thing.

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