Top Story: 7 Ways To Live A Millionaire Lifestyle For Free!

Recession, economic gloom, unemployment, austerity; that’s all we hear about these days when we turn on the TV. In these tough economic times wouldn’t it be great if you could live the life of a millionaire without spending a dime? If you could go to those VIP parties and sip champagne in first class, even though your bank balance is so red it looks like a crime scene from Dexter?

Well, maybe you can! Here are 7 ways you can live like a millionaire for free – and don’t worry, they are all perfectly legal, although some of them will require some guts!


1. Pretend To Be A Celebrity

Let’s face it, most celebrities these days are famous for doing pretty much nothing anyway, so, why not take it one step further and be famous for doing absolutely nothing!

This will take a bit of balls, but why not call up some fancy restaurants, put on your best American accent (which will be easy if you are already American…) and say that Jimmy Coolname is in town shooting his latest movie and would love to come and dine with you. Make enough calls and you’re sure to find a restauranteur who will offer you a free meal for a few photos and a ringing endorsement.

Check out this guy for inspiration, who took it a step further and arranged his own entourage. Follow his lead and you will be sick of the site of baked lobster and caviar by the end of the week!

2. Gatecrash Parties

club bouncer

Is there a big awards show or dinner going on in your town? Well, if you can blag your way past the door staff then the free nibbles and champagne are sure to be flowing. Even better – spruce yourself up before hand, prepare your best anecdotes, do some socialising at the event and you may even find yourself legitimately invited to more high class shindigs on the back of it.

So, how do you get past the door staff? Well, you’ll need to be creative, but how about showing up early afternoon, pretending you are on the catering staff and hiding in the toilet till the party starts! Of course, if you already have a reputation for being a movie star celebrity, that no one is brave enough to admit they have never heard of, this part will be easy.

3. Apply For Gameshows

How is your general knowledge? Sports? Well, if you are a bit of a pub quiz legend, then take it a step further and apply to go on those big money TV game shows like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Even if you don’t win a big cash prize, you might just get a luxury cruise out of it. What could be more millionaire than that?

And if your general knowledge isn’t great, then get to the library and start learning… it’s free after all!

4. Enter Competitions


If there’s a free contest going, then make sure you are entered into it! Sign up for online prize draw websites and who knows, maybe you might just win that luxury speedboat!

5. Ask For Upgrades

There is a lot of truth in the phrase ‘if you don’t ask you don’t get’, so why not try it out? Those seats in first class look pretty comfortable right? And they are empty…

Up your success rate with a convincing story. How about –

‘This is my first time flying and I’m so nervous. I’m also really claustrophobic so I think the extra room through there would really help’

Be persistent enough and they will probably give you the upgrade just to shut you up!

And remember, once you are in first class, get networking and see if you can secure an invite to that fancy free dinner in the evening!

6. Go On A Reality TV Show

If you don’t think it’s ethical to fake being a celebrity, then why not just become one? There are so many reality TV shows these days that if you apply to enough of them you are bound to get a shot at some point. The fame afterwards may not even last 15 minutes, but you are sure to get invited to a few decent parties in the immediate aftermath and can use that time to build a few contacts for later freebies!

7. Invent The Next Big Thing Online

Someone has to be the next Mark Zuckerberg, so why not you? If you have managed to get yourself banned from every nightclub and fancy restaurant in town, there’s nothing else for it, to continue with your millionaire lifestyle, you’re going to have to actually become a millionaire.

So, how can this be on a list of ways to be a millionaire for free? Well, ever noticed how so many of these internet companies are valued at xxx million, but when they publish their accounts never actually make a cash profit? Potential is free and potential is valuable :-)

So, there we have it – 7 ways you can live a millionaire lifestyle for free and no robbing of banks required. Can you think of any more?


David McSweeney is a 32 year old writer, web designer and occasional guitar player from Glasgow, Scotland. You can follow him on twitter @thindenim

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