Romantic Indoor Dates For Dummies


So, it’s raining and she’s coming over. Is it her first time at yours? Are you hoping the dinner will be followed by dessert? How exciting it all is. Exciting and nerve wrecking because now you are faced with a daunting task to make everything seem presentable. Not just your hair. However, it’s all against you – your former flatmate who just moved out was a complete pig, you haven’t cleaned your room since last Christmas and of course you are pressed for time to sort it all out before the very expected guest arrives.

Put yourself together mate, here’s what you do.

The choice of location

Let’s keep it real. You won’t have enough time to clean and scrub all the nooks and crannies of your abode. Even if you do, it’s still better to save your energy on the actual date anyway. So, look at it geographically. Define the zones the lady in question will see first and/or will have to inevitably pass through.

In most cases, it’s the lounge. That’s where you need to work hard. Get rid of the clutter and wipe off the dust from the places visible to the naked eye. Clear the way to the loo and make sure the toilet seat is down. That should serve as a welcoming.

Props: a lounge, a pair of hands, a mop and dust cloth.

Date theme

You want to impress and get cozy with the girl you fancy. Get down on the floor… and spread out a rug. Picnic on the carpet will create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere that shouts “Kick off your shoes and let’s be natural”.

Props: a decent looking rug, a bit of creativity.

Safe and cozy location

A carpet picnic will attract lots of attention to the floor and carpet. It should be absolutely clean. Nothing can be more averting than discovering hairs or boogies in the middle of getting closer. The sweet moment of you finally getting together will forever be ruined by a very graphic memory of some disgrace on the floor.

If you haven’t cleaned for ages and also walk in shoes in the house, then it’s high time to wipe and hoover. Save yourself time and trouble and call your local carpet cleaning expert.

Another very important point is to check if the rug is soft enough and the floor isn’t freezing. In case all of those are applicable, use some padding (duvet or mattress will do), throw in a few cushions and turn on the heater. Remember, the hotter it is, the more clothing items are removed. Play it smart.

Props: cushions, a duvet or mattress (optional), heater or if you are a lucky one with a fireplace  – a few logs to set fire to.

The menu

Since we are keeping it simple the idea is that you shouldn’t even enter the kitchen. Lock it up just in case she might see a frightening pile in the sink. Order a pizza delivery, nothing messy.

To smooth the impression of your humble abode it’s never a bad idea to butter up the judge with a pleasant drink. For the best pizza and beverage pairing check out Fionna Beckett’s advice. Add some fruits or berries like strawberries.

Make sure your date doesn’t have any allergies to any of the menu items.

Presto! Italian dinner is served. Both fancy and a no brainer.

Props: knowledge of possible allergies and food likes, pizza delivery number, cash, bottle of something nice, fruit.

The ambiance

Turn off the main lights and bring in some candles or put on a good film and turn it into a movie night. The expected result is  – the lady goes aw and realizes how hard you’ve slaved to make it perfect.

Props: a movie, candles.

The soundtrack

It’s crucial to find the proper background music to go well with the events of the night. If not playing a movie, find some music you both like.  Warning: don’t go overboard with the cheesy pop songs, you don’t want to look like a sop.

Props: nice playlist.

These are basically all the points you need to cover before she rings the bell. Now you can only rely on looking handsome, being funny and disarmingly charming.

Hopefully all you effort will be appreciated and the date will go according to plan. Good luck and enjoy your time, you lucky thing.

Author byline:

Lily Shambles is a freelance writer and specializes in giving free dating advice to men.

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