5 Styles To Wear To The Office This Summer


Fashion is an important factor in many women’s lives at the best of times, but the summer is when the ladies of the world can really come into their own and try out some of the most breathtaking styles available.  That said, getting the office dress code correct during the summer months can be difficult. Yes, you want to look professional and classy, but with you spending most of your time there and the sun shining through the windows, you also want to express yourself with what you wear.

The fact that the office air conditioning still hasn’t been fixed probably doesn’t help, either.

Here five style suggestions that will keep you looking great and feeling cool in the office this summer.

Bermuda Shorts

Admittedly, this is a style that you might want to try out on ‘casual Friday’ or any other day where the dress code is relaxed. However, if you can gain the approval of the boss, then you’ll be onto a winner with these, especially if you can incorporate them within your tailoring – Bermuda shorts and tailored jacket suits are widely available.

If your boss is a woman and understands the issues with summer, then you might have a better chance of carrying these off in the office.

Colored Tailoring

We’ll stay with the tailoring theme for now, although when it comes to colored statement suits, you can probably get away with wearing these on any day of the week, not just when attire has been relaxed.

The fashion industry experimented with colored tailoring last year, and it turned into a huge hit. As a result, there are now huge ranges of colored tailoring available, from rich blues to bigger statement pieces in yellow and orange. You can even find tailored jackets with exaggerated shoulder pads, if you want an 80s feel to your look.

Kaftan Style Dresses

While kaftan dresses are a staple of Islamic clothing, and have been for many years, matching and similar styles are starting to become popular with women of all cultures. Women love kaftans due to their desirable look and feel, as well as being highly functional and allowing them to remain cool and confident at all times.

The biggest benefit of a kaftan is arguably that it looks good in any situation, meaning women can head to the shops or out with friends immediately from the office, and look as if they are dressed in a casual, yet classic, style.

Patterned Dresses

If you’re able to wear floral prints to the office this summer, then you should definitely take the opportunity to do so. Avoid the more casual styles such as tennis dresses, and instead go for something that is well fitted around your body, but sweeps out and is much bigger around your hips and knees.

Linen Tailoring

Linen is your friend when it comes to looking good and keeping cool. If you’re passionate about continuing to wear a traditional suit, then swapping your regular one for linen on hot days will ensure you’re not worrying about sweat or other discomfort throughout your day at work.

Aisha is a fashion consultant who predominantly works with individuals concerned with cultivating their image and style. In her spare time, Aisha spends time with her husband and two children, following a number of outdoor pursuits including horse riding and hiking.

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