Top Story – 5 Online Dating Tips For Women


There is a reason why online dating agencies are so popular these days – they work. Millions of singles from all over the world sign up to these services and find their perfect matches. However, it’s clear that registering on a dating website is only half the battle. Another half is your behaviour and your virtual image on this website. They must be impeccable! In this post I’m going to share the most common tips on online dating for women.

By the way, in order to increase your chances to find your perfect match you may register on several websites. For instance, you can equally sign up to the one of the mainstream websites, and create a profile on a more specialized services, like, which offers exclusively black dating solutions. So, let’s go back to our tips.

#1 Create a Great Profile

Interesting profile is the recipe for success. Take your time to create a page that will work for you, don’t try to get everything done as soon as possible. If you are a great person – prove this with your brilliant profile. Upload cheerful, colorful photos (avoid too much editing, try to select the most natural pictures). Your photo album should contain both full-size and portrait pictures. Avoid revealing outfits. Fill in all the empty boxes (favorite movies, preferences, etc.). Your virtual image should accurately reflect your personality.

#2 Set Your Target

You must clearly realize what kind of partner you are looking for. Don’t waste your precious time on profiles you’re not interested in. Even if he comments on all your photos and sends you dozens of messages every day. It’s not a place to show your mercifulness. However, it’s important to stay polite when dating online. Don’t be rude, be concise in your answers.

#3 Beware of Red Flags

There many reasons to register on a dating website. And, unfortunately, not all users are there to find their perfect match and build a strong family. There are always guys and girls who are looking for a kind of an adventure there (to put it mildly). Thus, I recommend you stay away from persons like these. You can tell them by the common ‘red flags’ like words ‘intimacy’, ‘hot’, ‘massage’, obscene words etc. in their profiles.

#4 Contact!

If you come across a person you like, don’t hesitate to contact him. It’s a dating website! And everyone knows why you are here :) So, you can either send him a message, comment on his photo, ‘wink’ him or use another available way to show that you’d like to get to know him better. Don’t lose your chance – be first to contact him.

#5 Be Yourself

This is probably the most important advice when it comes to dating. It’s impossible to  build strong, healthy relations on a lie. Everything is built on trust and truth. Don’t pretend to be another person – relax, be sincere, and your perfect match will find you himself!

I hope these tips will help you dive into the world of the online dating safely and fruitfully :)

Aleksey is an independent contributor who specializes in giving dating advice. He has found his fiancé on a dating website (, and he’s glad to help other singles find their matches.



  1. Online dating can be intimidating for many women, but as you said it is a great way to meet men. Because of the volume of men that online dating can expose you to it is possible to end up feeling overwhelmed, upset by the guys that misrepresent them self or spend all your time face-to-face time with unsuitable matches. To minimize the potential negatives, maximize your chances of finding your ideal guy and keep dating fun it’s critical to have a well thought out strategy of each step of the process. Be sure to take time up front to do this.

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