4 Ways To Find The Answer To ‘Everything Is Great, But How Do I Know He Is The One?’

At some point, in every relationship, comes a moment when you find yourself wondering if the person you are with is the one for you. Your relationship could be everything you ever dreamed of and desired, but is he till the one you should say ‘I do’ to? There is no “one answer that suits all” for his question. The answers vary based on the people involved. While that is true, there are some things that tell you the person you are with is the one meant for you. These something’s are prevalent in all the successful and happy relationships. Sometimes you don’t just know, read on to find out how to know better .

Butterflies galore

Movies have shown it and novels have described it, but nothing compares to the first time you feel it. In Scarface, Tony is captivated by the stunning Elvira in the first few seconds he laid eyes on her placing eyes on her in the elevator. Noah knew he is spellbound in the first few moments he saw Allie in the Nicholas Sparks’s classic The Notebook. This should tell you that,  while deciding if he is the one, it would be wise to not undermine the importance of physical chemistry. Even after being together for a while, if you feel Cupid’s arrow and the heady rush, then maybe you are smitten for good!

Nothing could be easier

Fitting a round peg in a round hole is not a difficult task. They are meant to be together. Everything else will be wrong and won’t fit. When two people are compatible, the easiest thing they find is to be with each other. Time just flows by and two ends meet seamlessly. You don’t have to be alike and identical; you just need compatibility. If you find that being with your partner is the most natural thing then you should definitely keep doing that. If there is no pretense and no desire to be someone else, you might just be in the most ideal relationship. If you have found the perfect peg, don’t let go!

Your family and friends approve

We have all been in relationships that got the alarm bells ringing in the minds of those who care for us. In most cases, these alarm bells have turned out to be true. When your family and friends don’t like the person you are with, it is a huge warning sign. Likewise, if they approve of your partner, you know you are good to go. A reassuring go ahead from your family and friends will go a long way in restoring your belief. So, if your current partner is approved by them, you know you can picture the long run with him.

You have conflicts

As ironic as it sounds, having conflicts is a great way of building a relationship. When two people come together, they are bound to be different as no two people are completely alike. What matters is that these differences are resolved and both of you take something from it. If your partner and you have arguments and fights, and yet find a way to amicably solve the problem, you could well be on the road to eternity.

If your partner meets the above mentioned pointers, you can safely beam with joy for you have found the one. Grab a gown, get into a wedding limo and say I do! This could be your “forever and always”!


Today’s guest author, Katie Smith, is a professional travel blogger. She is an avid blogger. She shares her personal experiences and tips for making the most out of your tour in her articles and posts.

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