Top Story – Why I’m Sick of Advertising and Celebrity Endorsements


I am going to have a bit of a rant! Well more than a bit of one actually. I am sick of living in a world that is so dominated by advertising and product endorsement that brands are rammed down my throat wherever I look. Television broadcasts are punctuated by advertisements and preceded by sponsorship slots. I have to endure some 30 minutes of ads and trailers before I can watch a movie at the cinema. Football pitches are surrounded by advertising hoardings and the players shirts covered in sponsor’s logos and I can’t choose a fragrance without Justin Bieber or Beyonce telling me what I should smell like!

The Effect

Basically this is how it is. Big corporations have the financial clout to market their products to within an inch of their lives with the result that the little guys get buried. We have all become so brand conscious that only the big names can survive on the high street meaning that all high streets and malls are now the same. It doesn’t matter if you are shopping in Madrid or Manilla you will find the same shops selling the same things. Somehow we have arrived at a point where being seen in the right brand is all important. Bugger originality or personal statement what you must wear to preserve your self-respect is Hollister or Armani. Never mind if it actually suits you or if you even like it. People probably think they really like the goods that are thrust before them but do they really or have their subconscious states been assaulted to the point that they simply believe they do? I often wonder what would happen if a selection of products were to be placed in front of people with the brand names removed. What would people choose then if they were only using their personal taste and judgement?



Ask anyone if they would buy something because a celebrity had endorsed it and they will say no but the real answer is yes. Somewhere deep in the grey matter our thought processes are altered and we do respond positively to the images we see. Why else would Justin Bieber’s fragrance experience an explosion of sales? We can’t smell it through the TV! Thankfully it would appear that we are not all so suggestible that we will buy anything simply because a famous face pushes it. Industry figures suggest that celebrity endorsed fragrances sell in proportion to the behavior of the endorser. An untimely fall from grace can seriously dent sales and so our subconscious states do have some discrimination. It is all about choosing the right celeb to front your product and so Hugo Boss have clearly made a great choice in the wholesome Gwyneth Paltrow for their fragrance whereas Nike have had a bit of a nightmare of late with their choices of Lance Armstrong and Oscar Pistorius! But were Nike seriously damaged or don’t we care when it comes to sporting goods?


I am so sick of the constant bombardment that I now watch all television programs from recordings in order to avoid the ads. I don’t really enjoy shopping any more as everywhere I go I am presented with the same things. Many of the top brands are simply peddling goods at premium prices that the products themselves simply do not justify and why? Well to fund the advertising of course!


Article by Sally Stacey who is having a serious rebellion against marketing!

One comment

  1. I SOOO feel like you, in the past few month or so i am SOO sick of celebs everywhere, Im not sure if its becuase i have been more ‘aware‘ of the socail\cultural conditioning\and or brainwashing they like to do. Anyways its getting to the piont where i just want to throw the tv out the window, or maybe getting everything exlusively from youtube, ( i dont mind the internet becuase i ussually can skip all that part) I like a few shows here and there and i am just sick of constantly seeing famous\celeb status poeple on there, i dont care…

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