Stay “In-the-Know” With These 10 Public Health Twitter Feeds

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Whatever the true intended purpose was when Twitter was originally created and became popular, this social media forum has become ingrained in our culture in many ways. Not only is it a global front for socialization, but it has also become a stage for some very important voices to purvey important messages and interact with the public. What better example  than public health entities? These are 10 of the top public health related Twitter feeds you should consider following right now.

American Public Health Association

The APHA is the U.S. authority on public health. A wide variety of regular feeds come from APHA, of which there are over 81,000 followers. Topics covered include everything from navigating public health systems in America to sickness prevention and alerts.

Dr. Atul Gawande

Dr. Gawande is a leading surgeon, doctor, and general health specialist. Dr. Gawande’s Twitter comments are consistently accurate and up-to-date with regard to all things health-related. Special emphasis is placed on pediatric health and its effects on adult and general public health.

This Twitter feed is brought to you by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. If it involves public health or general human services, this feed is sure to be covering it.

Marion Nestle

Celebrated author of “Food Politics” and NYU professor Marion Nestle maintains a fantastic feed with regard to nutrition and public health. Followers of Nestle can count on regular, valuable tweets regarding important aspects of food supply, health, USDA activity, and much more.

Centers for Disease Control

The CDC maintains an active Twitter feed with regard to all things public health and disease. Disease projection and tracking info, emergency preparedness, and many other subjects are thoroughly covered. provides a very helpful general awareness feed. Followers are provided with information on prevention, statistics, disease biology, modern treatment progress and options, and much more. is on Twitter and provides a great feed for those seeking general health and wellness information at their fingertips. Prevention of health problems is the primary focus of this informational feed.

Citizen Corps

FEMA is the force behind this grass-roots body. The Citizen Corps Twitter feed provides followers with prevention, awareness, and readiness information. This is with regard to all types of public health hazards and emergencies.

FDA Recalls

The Food and Drug Administration is the authority for issuing recall information for foods and other consumable products. Be the first to know about recalls and other associated information, straight from the source, with the FDA Recalls Twitter feed.

Whether its H1N1, Avian Flu, or the regular, seasonal flu we all know and love, the Twitter feed has you covered. Here, one can follow breaking news, contagion and outbreak trends, and more.

As many old adages imply, prevention and awareness are the best cures. Stay up-to-date with these public health Twitter feeds, and you’ll always be armed with the latest public health related knowledge.

Elizabeth Cohen is a public health educator with a keen interest in how technology is useful is advancing the public health of all. She explores another way technology is useful in this endeavor at Top 10 Online Masters in Public Health Degrees.

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