3 Fun Jewelry Looks For Summer


Summer is almost here, and that means that fashion forward ladies are going to be swapping out their spring wardrobe for summer clothes.  There are a lot of fashion trends that are supposed to be hot for the summer 2013 season, but most people only tend to think about bathing suits, shorts, and summer dresses when they think about their summer wardrobes.  If you want to have a hot new look this summer without having to spend a lot of money, you need to look into getting some new jewelry. If you want to spice up your look, try on a few of these styles this summer.

Sea Inspired

If there’s any season to wear sea inspired jewelry, it’s the summer time.  The beach comber look never fails to make an appearance from May to September, but you can take this look beyond the typical pucca shell choker and make something unique.  Lip shells look like slightly smaller versions of pucca shells, but they come in an array of colors and they’re very easy to find.  A lot of jewelers that specialize in making charms have an array of starfish, coral branches, and marine life inspired charms you can use.  If you want to put a more elegant spin on the classic sea look, add some pearls and charms made out of sea glass to your necklaces and bracelets.

Food Inspired

Nobody is exactly sure when food prints and food labels infiltrated the world of fashion, but now you could walk into any store and see some creative food inspired attire.  A lot of your favorite summer foods could help you make a bold fashion statement with your jewelry.  Fruit charms will look cute with any outfit, and they come in an array of colors that would be easy to match with even your most colorful pieces of clothing.  If you want to go for something that’s a little bit bolder, try looking for charms that are designed to look like soda labels, and popular brands of cereal.  These charms used to be more difficult to find, but now they’re starting to show up in retail stores around the country.

Retro Inspired

It seems like the meaning of retro changes every couple of years.  One woman’s retro look could be a rockability inspired dress from the 1950s, and another retro look could be taken from 80s punk fashion.  Living in 2013 gives you a lot of retro jewelry options, especially when it comes to charm jewelry.  If you want to have a look from the 60s look for charms of peace signs, daisies, and beads with psychedelic colors, and for the 70s find a few disco ball charms and throw in some wooden beads.

Accessories are the way to go this season: a Pandora silver bracelet and other charm bracelets would be able to give you the stylish look, or any charm jewelry that has been popping up on fashion runways since last fall, are definitely the style to have this summer.

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By Sammy S, a blogger and lover of small trends with an interest in jewelry making and summertime fashion.

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