Top Story: Why Women In Business Are Turning To Cosmetic Surgery To Help Their Careers


Going to great lengths to improve your career

Women have always looked for creative ways to distinguish themselves. Have you ever shown up to a party and found another woman wearing the same dress you are? It’s a downer, right? Something like that can ruin your whole night. It’s hard to stand out when someone else is wearing your dress. Have you ever thought another woman’s outfit looked better than yours? That her face was cuter? That she looked less tired and more prepared for work?

It’s a learning experience to watch an attractive colleague leapfrog past you at work. It’s devastating when you believe yourself to be just as competent as the competition. It’s heartbreaking when you know it for a fact. Experiences like these do nothing for your confidence.

Discrimination is rampant

Discrimination is illegal, but that doesn’t keep subtler forms of discrimination from happening every day in workplaces and offices everywhere, in every line of work. It’s easy for your manager or your clients to explain why they did something without letting you know exactly why they did it. It’s like saying something and doing another, except at work your managers are saying one thing but thinking something completely different. Sometimes they don’t seem to think at all, right? Depending on your company’s culture, it could be extremely difficult to prove the person who was promoted over you is less competent than you are, regardless of how you feel inside.

What’s a girl to do?

The desire to look good comes from within, but you can only get so far with fashion, good hygiene, healthy habits, and a gym membership. What if your company continues to ignore you, and you suspect it’s because of your physical appearance? Your female competition isn’t going to give you a break, and the men you work with don’t know what they’re thinking most of the time. I’m going to let you in on a secret everyone knows, but hardly anyone speaks into existence. The secret is men and women both subconsciously discriminate against less attractive people. They don’t even know they’re doing it most of the time.

Don’t try to change the world, change yourself

Changing the world starts with changing yourself and the world around you. Cosmetic surgery is an option if you’ve done everything in your power to change your appearance but still don’t love the way you look. Cosmetic surgery isn’t just for pop starlets and heiresses. There’s more to cosmetic surgery than face lifts, nose jobs, and tummy tucks. We perform simpler procedures on an outpatient basis. Many procedures heal fast and are nearly painless when local anesthetics are used.

More than ever, career women are turning to cosmetic surgery

Like I said, plastic surgery doesn’t have to be complicated or cost tens of thousands of dollars. If you want a simple, subtle change to your appearance, but there’s no “standard” procedure you can find to cover it, have a chat with a few local surgeons. Chances are they have experience with what you need, even if you can’t find a name for it. Eyelid lifts are often performed on an outpatient basis. And they’re great for giving your face a brighter, more engaged look. They’re perfect for the workplace because the difference is so subtle. Your coworkers won’t think much of it. If anything, they will think you’re getting a better night’s sleep for once.

Dr. Simopoulos is a cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills. Butts by Dr. 90210 is a hot place to get work done.

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