Hugo Boss To Debut Collection In China


Top fashion labels now view the Asian market and particularly China as key to future success and expansion. In a bold attempt to accelerate growth in the region, German label Hugo Boss has chosen Shanghai to host a fashion event in May 2013 which will not merely showcase the Autumn/Winter collection but rather debut it to the world. This year Paris, London and Milan all take a step back as all eyes will be on the Shanghai presentation.

The Venue

The Hugo Boss fashion show will be presented at The Power Station or Art, China’s first state run public museum of Modern Art. The huge building is the former Nanshi Electric Light factory which overlooks the Huangpo River and is topped by an impressive roof terrace and a 165 meter high Chimney. The factory was first constructed in 1897 and the choice of this building for the art collection echoes the decision to house the Tate Modern in London inside the former Bankside Power Station.  It is an interesting and edgy choice to host the forthcoming show.

Global Appeal

Hugo Boss have undertaken an extensive worldwide media campaign to raise awareness of the fashion show.  Hugo Boss is a global brand which has shown significant growth in recent years and whilst they are keen to emphasize their focus on China, the show must have universal appeal as it is to debut the new collection to the world. The promotional video features both Taiwanese model Lin Chi-Ling and Spanish model Jon Kortajarena in a shanghai setting blending Asian and European looks in an attention grabbing piece.

The Event

The Fashion show will be attended by over 1000 journalists, buyers and international VIP’s and will be the subject of a live webcast on the label’s site. Fashionistas around the world will want to pay attention because two of the pieces on the catwalk will be available to purchase online immediately after the show and the company promises speedy dispatch. The lucky viewers will be the first to sport the new collection wherever they are on the planet.

The Future

The emerging markets of Asia are now crucial to the development of the big fashion brands. The Shanghai show is definitely a sign of things to come as the various collections focus on a major assault of the region in the face of the recession which has so severely affected their traditional Western markets. Paris may still be considered the home of fashion but that could all be set to change as it is likely that more and more significant debuts and shows will be made in China and not the traditional venues in Europe. Whether you are keen to see the latest styles from Versace or the newest Hugo Boss watches from now on you might have to look to China for your first glimpse of the pieces.


Sally Stacey is a regular blogger with her finger on the fashion pulse! Check her out now on Google+!

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