Top 5 Reasons Gun Violence Is A Public Health Issue


With the recent surge of media stories of citizens throughout the U.S. using guns violently against others in a series of rampages, the country is beginning to look more at gun violence itself and why it is a public health issue. There are various reasons why gun violence is a public health issue that should be looked at more carefully, regardless of whether guns are banned entirely or if there are new laws implemented to ensure they are not purchased by those who are mentally unstable.


Due to the wave of media coverage on the rampages and killings occurring due to gun violence, it is extremely important to address the cause and triggers as a public health issue. The media has an impact on how others view gun policies, violence and the root causes of the crimes that are committed. Because of the media’s influence, it is important to address gun violence as a public health issue as millions of American watch news coverage on a daily basis.

Mental Health Care Services

Gun violence is a public health issue due to the lack of mental care health services made available to all citizens in the US today. By providing more mental health care services for children, adults and even senior citizens, it is much easier to assess triggers and other factors that contribute to gun violence and murders. Mental health care is a key factor in keeping citizens safe while also moving forward with understanding others and what is causing crimes with guns.

Laws on Background Checks

Increasing and changing the laws on background checks is another way to address gun violence as a public health issue. Ensuring all applicants who are interested in purchasing any type of gun are mentally stable and capable of handling the weapon they are interested in is a way to help reduce the amount of gun violence that is experienced in the United States. Selling guns to family members and others is also being discussed as a public health issue, as currently it is legal to transfer a weapon without requiring a full background check, thus increasing the amount of gun violence and crime that is committed regularly.

Damage and Effectiveness

Gun violence is extremely dangerous when it is committed, with an extremely high effectiveness rate. Because of the damage guns are capable of doing, talking openly about gun violence is necessary. Gun violence is a public health issue because it often ends in murder, especially when people commit mass killing sprees due to a psychotic break.

Lack of Research

Another important factor to consider when discussing gun violence publicly is the lack of research on gun crimes committed and any violence that occurs due to the use of guns. With proper research in the field, it then becomes possible to understand criminal behavior, triggers and other factors that contribute to gun violence and murders. It is essential to consider implementing programs for research on gun violence and how to properly assess patients and potential criminals who are using guns as a way of committing crimes.

Understanding the importance of addressing gun violence in America and how it relates to public health will help to gain more insight into the minds of criminals and how criminal behavior is formed. The more research that is conducted on gun violence and mental health, the easier it will become to implement laws that help to protect both citizens without guns as well as those who are interested in purchasing a gun for themselves.

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