Top Story – 5 Reasons Ice Cream Is Better Than A Boyfriend


As a single lady, you come to appreciate the little things in life. You don’t have to share your bottle of wine. You don’t have to worry about shaving your legs. You don’t even have to learn how to cook a meal for two, or even call in a meal for two. It’s quite luxurious and glamorous. And while everyone is updating their Facebook status about how much they love their husbands and boyfriends, I’m over here like, “This is a wonderful bowl of ice cream and I think I will have another.” Here are 5 reasons why ice cream is better than a boyfriend.

1. You can pick your favorite flavor of ice cream.

Ice cream has tons of flavors. From chocolate chip to very berry raspberry. The best part? You can pick and choose what you want. You can even try out a few flavors on Friday and go buy a different flavor on Saturday. When you have a boyfriend, you are stuck with the same flavor. All the time. Everyday. And you can’t return him because there is no such thing as a boyfriend store. If there were, I don’t think we would be having this ice cream versus boyfriend conversation.

2. Ice cream never judges.

You want to go back and get another bowl? You go right ahead. That pint of ice cream won’t judge you for a second. In fact, it encourages you to eat some more. A boyfriend on the other hand, will encourage you to put down the spoon and go work out. Um, why don’t you leave me to eat my ice cream alone in peace? Thanks.

3. Ice cream is cheap.

Do you want a satisfying treat for under $10? Then ice cream is what you need. A boyfriend will charge you hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on things like dinners, lunches, snacks, booze, and everything in between. Boyfriends use the “I forgot my wallet excuse.” Ice cream never leaves you hanging like that.

4. Ice cream is the perfect partner for any occasion.

Whether you want to cry about how you’ll never get to date Ryan Gosling or you want to curl up in bed with a chick flick, ice cream is there for you. It won’t badger you to watch Die Hard again instead of 27 Dresses. It won’t look down upon you for thinking you even had an inkling of a chance with a celebrity. Ice cream is silently there for you whereas a boyfriend will tell you that you are stupid and need to put down the spoon and go work out. See #3.

5. Ice cream doesn’t care that you’re clingy.

When the pint is empty and you run to the store for another, ice cream doesn’t mind. If you text your boyfriend and tell him you miss him, you might get a response with something along the lines like, “Woah, this is moving a bit too fast.” It’s time to cut out boyfriends altogether. Just go get some ice cream, ladies. It’s the better alternative.

About the author: Carly is a blogger for Smith Monitoring, one of the top carriers of home security Dallas has. She can usually be reading a book with a pint of ice cream at hand.

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