Gender Superiority: How Women Are Better Than Men And Vice Versa


For centuries, men and women have claimed superiority over one another in everything from math to driving to multitasking, pain tolerance and more. In reality, however, our talents or limitations usually have more to do with our individual genetic make-ups than our genders, themselves. With that being said, studies do suggest that, on average, women are better than men at certain things – and vice versa.

Women Are Better Drivers

Men and women commonly argue over driving superiority. Unfortunately for the members of the former sex, at least one study suggests that women have the edge when it comes to driving capabilities. Conducted by Quality Planning, an analytics business which works for auto insurance companies, women break fewer traffic laws than do men. On the other hand, men tend to drive more dangerously and cause more accidents.

Men Do Better Without Sleep

Studies have linked inadequate sleep to deadly cardiovascular disease; however, it can be especially harmful to women. A study out of Duke University Medical Center found that poor sleep causes more psychological distress in the fairer sex. It also demonstrated that sleep difficulties result in far greater biomarkers which are associated with elevated risk of heart disease. According to sleep expert Dr. Roger Roubal, this study should be especially concerning to women who suffer from sleep disorders such as sleep apnea.

“Because it causes breathing difficulties, sleep apnea promotes shallow, fragmented sleep and frequent waking,” he said. “For years, people have associated sleep apnea with men because snoring is such a common symptom of the disorder. In reality, however, there are millions of women who suffer from this dangerous condition.”

Because insufficient sleep can take a far greater toll on female bodies, women may have even greater incentive to seek treatment before their sleeping difficulties lead to irreversible heart problems.

Men Are Better Multitaskers

For a long time, many people have believed that women were better multitaskers than men; however, Swedish researchers recently conducted a study which suggests otherwise. After putting several female and male subjects through a series of tests which required good multi-tasking skills, they found that men outperformed their female counterparts. That said, the advantage only seemed to occur while women were ovulating. After that, both sexes performed about the same. Researchers believe high levels of estrogen might play a role in interfering with a woman’s ability to perform several tasks at once.

A Team Effort

Ultimately, men and women usually do better when they work in tandem. Still, with important bragging rights at stake, members from both sexes are apt to continue arguing feverishly over even the most trivial things if it means claiming even one victory in the age-old battle of the sexes.


Thanks to Dr. Roger Roubal of Omaha, Nebraska for his contributions to this story.


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