5 Signs You Have A Good Man


We’ve all been frustrated at times, but when I am, I have to put things into perspective and think “I have a good man.” I don’t think a lot of people do that with one another anymore. We are too busy focused on the bad that it overshadows all the good qualities in the other person. Here is a list of 5 signs that you have a good man.

1. They Value What You Value
When Lee and I were dating we would talk about things that were important to us. We were both in college and I wanted to be a writer, artist, speaker, mother, wife, singer ( I can’t carry a tune), really anything that popped into my head. Lee would always let me talk about my next venture and would try to add value to me or the conversation with encouragement or critiques (singing part). He knew that I  maybe wasn’t going to fulfill all the things I wanted to do, but he valued me enough to value what I wanted.

2. They Sacrifice For You
Time and time again I have seen Lee sacrifice his wants to meet my needs. He has shown me more love through this action then any other specific thing. Just last night he gave up a night with the guys to watch the fights, so he could help me get the house back in order from our 3 year old’s birthday party. He helped me get both kids to bed and get things ready for the next morning. Not saying he wasn’t a little disappointed, but he knew it was a blessing to me to add an extra hand around the house.

3. They Pray For You
I love getting text messages from Lee that say I love you and I am praying for you. He prays blessings on me and our children. It is awesome to know that I can talk to him about anything and he is going to pray about it and give me advise.

4. They Take Care of You
Not saying that if your man doesn’t make a lot of money he isn’t a good man. But a good man feels responsibility to provide. In today’s economy it may take you and him working to meet the household needs. But if a man is able to work and doesn’t, he needs to grow up. There are times when a mom works and the dad stays with the kids ( that is still working, staying at home with kids is hard work). The drive to provide is a sign of a good man.

5. They are Good Examples To Your Children
Having a man that is exactly the kind of man I want my daughter to marry or the kind of man I want my son to be is a great feeling. Leading by example is what dads do, whether it is a good or bad example is up them. But you are creating another generation with your characteristics. A good man thinks long term and legacy rather then in the moment.

I know this list isn’t all there is to a good man, but it is a start. I am so thankful for my good man. I find such comfort know I can be proud and not ashamed at the choices he has made and the man that he is!

About the Author:  Larah Shelton is a blogger for Smith Monitoring, a leader in Houston alarm companies. She enjoys spending time with her family, drinking coffee and blogging.


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