The Top 5 Places That Celebrities Attend College


Despite what people think, plenty of celebrities enjoy going to college. It gives them an enjoyable break from their usual lives, and it gives them a chance to explore their education. It is rare for celebrities to have finished high school; most complete their education through home schooling. Going to college gives them a chance to experience a “normal” life, if that is possible. Here are the top five schools where celebrities are most likely to be spotted.

5. University of Southern California

Location plays a role in this university’s popularity. USC is extremely close to Hollywood and right in the midst of California’s famed social scene. Going to USC is not a radical change for most celebrities and it allows them to get their degree while still pursuing new film/TV projects. iCarly’s teen star Miranda Cosgrove is a celebrity who currently attends the University of Southern California.

4. Harvard Business School

This may be a surprise addition to the list, but Harvard Business School has a long history of celebrities attending. Supermodel Tyra Banks is the most famous student at Harvard Business School right now as she aims to get her MBA within a few years. The charm and mystique of Harvard plays a pivotal role in attracting students to the Business School, and getting an MBA is a hugely practical degree even for celebrities. It gives them a chance to explore their business acumen, in case they want to start their own business or brand in the future.

3. Brown University

Harry Potter star Emma Watson made a lot of noise when she decided to attend Brown University, located in the quaint area of Rhode Island. While her first year experience was not pleasant, Watson is returning to Brown to complete her junior and senior years. She spent her sophomore year at Oxford. Watson was the brunt of taunts from her students, the most popular one being to yell “ten points to Gryffindor” every time she answered something in class.

2. North Carolina State University

It may be located close to the American Midwest, but North Carolina State University is extremely popular with celebrities. American Idol winner Scott McCreery is the latest to attend the prestigious college. In addition to singers and actors, NC State is home to plenty of promising athletes who go on to illustrious careers in the NBA or NFL.

1. New York University

Unsurprisingly, the Big Apple plays host to the most popular university for celebrities. New York University offers celebrities the chance to take classes and get their degree while going about their lives in an anonymous manner. It is in the heart of New York and most students live “off campus” regardless of their social status. Dylan and Cole Sprouse, stars of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody currently attend the school. NYU is also home to Twilight star Dakota Fanning and Mara Wilson, who played the lead in Matilda. One half of the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate Olsen, also attends the prestigious New York school.

These are some of the most prestigious schools in the United States and it is no wonder that they are a favorite for celebrities and other stars.

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