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National Poetry Month Spotlight: Jack James – Fly Fishing


Fly Fishing

The young fisherman casts his line the way his friend taught him.

The mossy green nymph whips through the air.

The elegant line waves back and forth like wheat swaying in the wind.

The young fisherman waits for the time to be right.

With diligence and care he lays the line gracefully down.

The mossy green nymph lands silently on the still water and he waits.

The nimble rainbow trout swims lightly by the nymph.

He looks at the fly curiously.

His hunger gets the best of him and he strikes.

The young fisherman’s attention is directed from his daydreams of nature.

He gently pulls on the line and reels in the shiny beauty.

He gently lowers the net underneath his friend to cradle him.

He tenderly removes the barb-less hook from the timid trout.

He smiles at his new found friend and sweetly let’s him go.


Jack James is an ordinary kid who started his own business at age 10. He wrote a book to tell other kids how to start one too! Jack’s book is written from one kid to another. In How to let your parents Raise a Millionaire Jack tells other kids the story of how he started his business, Jack’s Garbage Valet, He explains how easy and fun it can be and explains exactly why other kids should strive to become an entrepreneur.

There are plenty of great books out there about kids and business, but Jack’s is book is different, it is the unique story of how one kid did it. It is personal, practical, easy to read, encouraging and fun.

Jack even had the courage to include a couple of special chapters. In one chapter, he talks about what it was like to be bullied. He explains how you can overcome the negative message the bullies put on you and end up even stronger. He also shares with his readers what it is like to have Dyslexia, a reading disability and how he is working to overcome it.

Jack is loves the outdoors, camping and fishing. He is a native Californians who lives in San Jose with his mom, three dogs, one parrot and every single Star Wars: The Clone Wars action figure known to man!

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2 thoughts on “National Poetry Month Spotlight: Jack James – Fly Fishing

  1. This is awesome – makes me want to go fishing!!


    Posted by Liz Anthony | 04/19/2013, 10:13 AM
  2. Very sweet. :-)


    Posted by purpleperceptions | 04/18/2013, 8:41 AM

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