Are You A Purse Addict?


If you’ve ever watched an interview with a Lottery winner, the standard question is about what they are going to spend their winnings on. Top of the list is usually a house, car or holiday, but if the winner is a woman, more often than not she will say she’s desperate to buy some designer shoes or handbags. Even if you’re not a Lottery winner, a recent survey found that between the ages of 13 and 81, the average British woman will spend a whopping $4,000 on handbags and at any one time owns 17 different bags. So are you above or below average?

Number of Bags

The survey found that Ms Average owns 17 different bags at any one time, ranging from practical holdalls to take to the gym, through evening bags, work bags and a beach bag. The average cost of these 17 bags is $370, which works out at just over $21 per bag. Most of us will think that there is no way that we own 17 bags but when you start to add up the little glitzy beaded bag bought for a Christmas party, the Italian leather handbags given to us for birthdays and the overnight bag we use for weekends away, the total soon starts to grow. We increase our stash of handbags at a pace of around 3 per year.


Psychologists haven’t been able to put their fingers on exactly why we love our bags so much. One in five of all women think that handbags are the most important thing in their wardrobe, and even more admit to keeping an eye on other women in the office or celebrities to see what bags they are using and over half admit to experiencing feelings of “bag envy” when they spot another woman carrying a bag they particularly like. Men don’t have any of these feelings about bags, and this can be a cause of conflict in couples where one half of the couple is buying a new handbag every few months and the other half doesn’t understand the appeal.


Most of us stick to the High Street when we are shopping for handbags, and this is probably the best place to go when looking for a cheap and cheerful beach bag, or an evening bag which fits in perfectly with the latest trends. Buying a quality bag can be a better investment, and some of the better Italian leather handbags which are in a classic style can cost more initially but will last for many years and still look great. At the very top end of the market, some celebrities can easily spend the $4,000 that most of us spend in a lifetime in one afternoon on the high-end designer handbags. If you’ve got the tastes of Victoria Beckham but not the budget, pay close attention to the catwalk trends and see if you can pick up similar items in the fast fashion shops or the supermarkets for a fraction of the price.

Morag Peers is a frequent blogger with her eye on the prize when it comes to her handbags. Check her out now on Google+

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