National Poetry Month Spotlight: Tyler Presnell – For All Poets


For All Poets

Words to a poet

Emotions my way to show it

They’re my money

My courage

My power

They’re my control

They’re me fear

My tears

Am I a coward?

I don’t know

Can’t relate in person so I stick to my pen

A pushover hidden

Faces always changin again

Only one knows me

To afraid of my skin

To look at myself closely

But she’s breakin me in

Won’t go out unless she holds me

So I’m laughed at by friends

The same ones who’ve never struggled

Yet they call themselves men

So here I am pain

Never seize to show it

Grab a pen if you’re the same

And express yourself as a poet


Tyler Presnell is a motivational speaker for every young individual driving in the United States. His career stems from a nearly fatal crash that he, his twin brother, younger sister, and another passenger were all victims of. The then 16-year old driver was a close friend of the family that had had his license for not even a week. Tyler speaks of his family, his lifelong recovery and the subsequent pain, and what it’s like to live each day with over eighty percent of his short term memory gone. His humorous outlook on life mixed with his ability to deliver each emotion effectively captures audience members of all ages.

Having tasted death on more than one occasion, Tyler has developed a fearless persona on stage. This stage presence motivates audiences to not only drive more safely, but to not give up on personal dreams. His speaking career started over ten years ago while he was still a patient in the intensive care unit at Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland, Oregon. Since then he has spoken to various audiences, ranging from a small classroom with ten students to the nation’s capital filled with members of both Congress and Senate.

During his first speech Tyler was wheeled out in front of a group of high risk drivers to show the life-altering effects of reckless driving. Today he doesn’t have the wheelchair, or even much of a limp at first sight, but he still has the ability to reach his audience and make a lasting impact. His goal is to make a difference in the way people drive and their attitude towards the enormous responsibility. Tyler will not give up until he witnesses a safe driving revolution, and even then he won’t stop. He promotes driving with respect and accountability and after listening to him speak you will drive with more consideration—that’s a guarantee!


Twitter: @TyPresnell



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