Black Soap For Hair Benefits

black soap

The black soap, which is often referred to as African black soap, is actually made from the skin extract of plantain. The idea of black soap was first introduced in Ghana western Africa where this soap was used for centuries. Unlike ordinary bath soaps, the black soap is extremely effective in improving the tone of the skin. The benefits of black soap are enormous, but to get the maximum benefit, it is important that you should buy the original black soap. One of the main benefits of using original, black soap is, if you apply it on your head, it will make your hair extremely soft and shiny.

How to Use Black Soap

Using black soap is very easy as it easily leathers with a few strokes in the water. The black soap lasts a little longer than the normal soap. You just need to apply this soap to your hair and feel the softness and curls emerge. Afterwards, just rinse your hair with cold water, and when you dry your hair, you will feel that the hair is moist with very few tangles. Even after drying, your hair will have a wet look because of the moisture provided by the black soap. Keep in mind that after washing your hair with black soap, you must use your regular conditioner.

Why Use Black Soap

Black soap contains a high amount of natural glycerin which gives it the ability to absorb the moisture available in the air. It helps you prevent your hair from the damage often caused because of humidity.  People often use black soap to make their hair softer and increase the natural shine of their hair.  Black soap is also effective in keeping your hair safe from humidity and other effects from harsh weather.

In order to keep your black soap effective for a longer period of time, it is important that you store this soap properly. You have to store it in a plastic bag that is sealed. The other way of keeping it safe is to keep it in a dry, airtight container . This will not only be helpful in keeping your black soap effective, but it also keeps the natural ingredients fresh for a longer period of time.


The African black soap, which is also known as ABS, acts as a cleanser which has various natural ingredients that are beneficial for the skin and hair of humans. This soap is manufactured in Africa, and people prefer to buy a handmade bar of  African black soap. The ingredients of black soap may vary from one brand to another, but mostly it contains coconut oil, palm kernel oil, cocoa butter, palm oil, and shea butter.  Some of the brands of black soap also contain ashes from banana trees, shea trees, cocoa pods, and plantain leaves. All of these ingredients are mixed with the water to form the base of the soap.

Keith Ram is a health and wellness blogger, currently residing in southern Ontario. Follow her thoughts on @examinet.


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