5 Reasons You Should Drink Wine


Every so often, an article pops up in the morning newspaper to the tune of: ‘Red wine is good for you! Drink up!’ And while we all see those articles filling up newsprint columns in slow news days, we rarely stop to read why. The reality is that there are a wide variety of different and interesting reasons as to why a glass of red wine (not a bottle, unfortunately) is a good thing to have with your dinner each night. So, instead of just taking the claims you read at face value, here are the top 5 reasons you can use to justify your wine habit.

Wine drinkers have good memories (just not of big nights out)

It seems a little bit counter-intuitive, claiming that a substance that can wipe out all memory from a big night out actually enhances cognitive function. But it does. In moderation (i.e. one-two glasses a night) red wine has the ability to reduce blood clots and blood vessel inflammation, which can both result in cognitive decline.

The wine diet

While alcohol is a high-calorie substance, a variety of studies have found that regular win drinkers have lower BMIs than occasional wine drinkers. The current scientific consensus is that alcohol encourages your metabolism to increase for up to 90 minutes after consumption. So, if you’re heading off to the gym, swap that bottler of water for wine to maximize your calorie-burning session (note: please don’t. You will fall off that cross-trainer and everyone will laugh at you.)

Wine makes you happy

While you might think that it’s just the alcohol working it’s magic, wine actually contains a range of antioxidants. The most widely known of these is resveratol, which can boost your mood, prevent signs of aging and also assist in protection against degenerative diseases such as Type Two Diabetes.

And it helps you smile

While you’re feeling elated after drinking in all those antioxidants, you can feel content that you can express that happiness in the way we all know how; with a big, toothy grin. Red wine (even of the non-alcoholic variety) strengthens tooth enamel, helping to protect your teeth against decay and disease. So, with your pearly whites shining strong and bright, you won’t think twice before showing them off after having a nice glass of red.

All this wine is making me sleepy…

This benefit should probably be prefaced by a disclaimer: all alcohol makes you sleepy. But, the key here is in the serving suggestion. Having a single glass of wine to wind down your day is usually just enough to get you into the right frame of mind for a good night sleep. On that note… I think it might be wine o’clock.

Frances Ward is a wine-lover from Sydney. She should probably check out Taylors Wines, so that she can pouring her daily health kick.

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