Women’s History Month Spotlight: Kristin Pedderson – CEO & Owner of Big Fuss Records Inc.


Name and Occupation: 

Kristin Pedderson
CEO/Owner Big Fuss Records Inc.

What do you love about being a woman? 

I love my curvy shape and love to wear beautiful high quality classic clothes that incorporate rich colors and fine fabrics.  I love to cook and I love my home.  I love curling my hair.

I am old fashion. I grew up with two brothers, and my closest friends were often men.  I gravitate toward men and enjoy the two way comfort and encouragement I experience with men in my life. I love my sexuality.  It’s about love and friendship. I love the way it feels to be protected and looked after by an emotionally open man who is also physically strong.  I feel like a total woman when he cares for me, and I love caring for a masculine and sturdy man as the capable woman I am.  Dynamic, loving and encouraging, I love having gal pals to spend time with, sharing and supporting each other in friendship.  I love that I can be my own person. A woman who is a leader that is smart, strong and sexy, and still feminine and soft inside and out, sometimes weak and needing compassion and covering.

I’ve learned to love the skin I’m in and most of all my loving heart. I even love the emotion I feel as a woman; the tears that often flow with the ups and downs in life. A famous singer once said that “love is understanding”, I love understanding and as a woman I feel naturally inclined toward this.

What do you hate about being a woman? 

I hate that woman make 60-70% on the dollar to what a man makes when it comes to professional employment and income.  I believe woman should be paid according to their work ethic. Gender should not influence the ability for a woman to get promoted or an equal rate of pay for a similar position.

I hate that some men appear to be intimidated by a strong woman who thinks for herself. I have met men who believe a woman who is a leader and runs her own business and household, can be a ball breaker of sorts, and difficult to get along with. I feel that this is untrue and stems from insecurity.  I believe both sexes are endowed with understanding and when a person is strong, they are weak too. We have all sides.  The strongest men can appreciate a woman’s strength and prefer to lift up.  Not put down. I believe in Christ principles of service to one another. It takes a strong man to admit he’s wrong at times and to serve LOVE over ego. It takes a strong woman to do the same and I believe this to be the answer for equality.

Something about you that would shock people?

For most of my life I have been polyamorous. (Pertaining to multiple and simultaneous loving relationships) I am very selective about who I, let in, get close to and trust.  For me love takes time. When I had my spiritual awakening twenty three years ago, I felt a knowing in my spirit to “Practice Non-Attachment”. I felt this was an essential word for me because I saw so much divorce, abandonment and short term love around me, and in my life, prior to awakening. I felt an understanding of this path would be the highest good for me.  I trusted all my needs for LOVE would be met.  (I also have/had a big dream of rock and roll music on my heart, which seemed a lot like TRUE LOVE)

As a guru, I thought OK; but does this mean I must live without love, sex and intimacy?  I walked on, and in the past years I have been more free and whole than ever. Perhaps I have not met “One” individual love yet; a man who walks in integrity and equality with me. Perhaps he will appear at an opportune time, but for now, my life already knows lasting love. It comes in more than one individual.




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