Things That Women Hate About Men


Generally, men have a lot more annoying habits than women but they’re pretty small, like eating loudly, picking their nose etc. It’s not nice, but you can generally live with it. However, just like there are some things that men can’t stand about women, there are things that women can’t stand about men too.

o    Although swearing has become part of everyday life and women do it too, they hate men who can’t express themselves in any other way. Sometimes there are no other words to describe the way that you’re feeling but the majority of the time foul language can easily be toned down if you think before you speak.

o    Women hate men who are controlling and will find a way out of controlling relationships very quickly. Although they want someone who will protect them and be there for them. They don’t want to be told where to go and when and who they’re allowed to see.

o    As far as women are concerned, you have to be able to commit. If you’ve been on a few dates and things are getting a little more serious, a woman will expect that the two of you are exclusive. They hate men who won’t commit to an exclusive relationship and constantly play games.

o    Romance is part of a relationship and if you refuse to be emotional and romantic then  a woman will very quickly become distant.

o    Looks aren’t everything and everyone knows that but if you smell bad and have bad breath then you’re not going to get anywhere with the ladies. Although, they don’t want you to look like you’re about to head down a catwalk all the time either. They do want you to make an effort and at least wash yourself and your clothes.

o    Predictability is not a sexy trait in a man, spontaneity is. Women don’t want to do the same thing day in and day out, they like the idea of the unknown, so search out unpredictable things.

o    Although you should make an effort to spend time with your friends, if you’re constantly making excuses why you can’t see your girlfriend because you’re always with them then there’s something wrong.

o    Although looking at other women is normal – women look at other men too, they’re just pretty discreet about it – you need to learn to be subtle. If your girlfriend is standing next to you and you’re blatantly staring at another girl then it won’t go down too well. To start with, it embarrasses them but the thing that annoys them more than anything is the fact that you can’t do it subtly.

Author Byline: Dan Johnson was fed up of the disastrous blind dates that his friends kept sending him on so signed up to so that he could get to know the people he was dating first.


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