Ne-Yo Sued By Ex-Lover


When rappers face scrutiny for their words, it’s usually due to offensive lyrics or wild behavior at a club. Shaffer Chimere Smith, better known as Ne-Yo, is facing a different kind of public and legal interest. He’s being sued for defamation by former lover Jessica White over comments he made about her during a VH1 appearance.

The Background
In 2005, Ne-Yo and White were romantically involved. According to White, the relationship was not exclusive and when she became pregnant, she was not sure who the father was. She claims she told Ne-Yo and rather than demand prenatal paternity testing, he willingly signed a declaration of paternity. In 2009, the child, named Chimere after Ne-Yo’s middle name, underwent a paternity test which proved Ne-Yo was not the father. However, Ne-Yo was still on the hook for child support and signed a confidential settlement with White.

Family Court
Many men have found themselves paying child support for a child who isn’t biologically related to them. Family courts are concerned with children’s welfare, not justice for parents. Once Ne-Yo signed a declaration of paternity, the courts no longer cared about who Chimere’s biological father was. Ne-Yo had agreed to play the role of a father, and in the court’s eyes, that made Ne-Yo responsible for financially providing for Chimere.


Ne-Yo’s Story
On September 23, 2012, Ne-Yo appeared on an episode of VH1’s “Behind the Music.” During the show, he accused White of lying to him about the child’s paternity, leading Ne-Yo to believe that he was the biological father. Ne-Yo claimed White manipulated him because she wanted access to his money, and he put up with it because he wanted to be a good father by staying involved in the child’s life. According to Ne-Yo’s story, White demanded more and more money then filed a suit against Ne-Yo to force him to pay more before preventing him from spending time with Chimere.

The Mother’s Story
White denies all of this and claims it was an attempt to gain publicity for Ne-Yo’s November 6 record release. She claims Ne-Yo told her his publicist suggested discussing Chimere to increase record sales. White also claims that Ne-Yo stated he had to hide their relationship to appeal to female fans who wanted a single star to lust after. White claims that Ne-Yo manipulated public opinion by portraying her as a greedy fling rather than an ongoing partner and parent.

The Lawsuit
White is a professional photographer and graphic designer and claims her business has suffered due to Ne-Yo’s accusations. She filed a lawsuit for defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress and breach of settlement, claiming Ne-Yo violated the confidential child support agreement he made with her. She is represented by Gloria Allred and is not seeking a specific amount.

Jenny Khan loves to write about celebrity gossip. Whether it’s about a celebrity getting prenatal paternity testing done or feuds, she loves all the juicy stories.

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