Is Sitting At Your Desk All Day Killing You?


It isn’t a secret that creating an ergonomic work environment is beneficial to your health. Dishing out for ergonomic office furniture such as a lumbar supportive desk chair can really make the difference in the battle between you and repetitive stress injury. But no swivel chair can combat the damage your body endures by staying seated for long hours. So what’s a desk worker to do when his or her 9 to 5 calls for extended periods of sitting? The answer is simple—opt for a stand-up desk! Standing up and taking your desk with you sounds less silly when you consider the fact that it could just save your life.

Harmless as it seems, regularly staying stationary for extended periods can have damaging effects on your health, especially your heart. A study by Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that the likelihood of dying from a heart attack actually increased by 54% in a group of 17,000 men and women who sat on average 9.3 hours daily. The most frightening thing of all is that these statistics remained the same regardless of fitness level. Opting for a more regular exercise routine isn’t a remedy for sitting, but getting a desk you can stand up and work on is.

Take Care of Your Heart

Making the switch from a standard desk to a stand-up one can mean a load off on your heart. The increased risk of heart complications stationary workers experience can lead to dying an average of 2 years sooner than people who are consistently in motion at their job. A stand-up desk significantly decreases the hours you spend sitting at work and lowers your chances of experiencing heart problems caused by constant sitting.

Avoid Back Problems

Sitting for long periods allows the muscles in your back to atrophy which can lead to herniated discs, stiffness, and back pain even when standing. A good pair of shoes and your brand new stand-up desk can help you avoid costly chiropractic adjustments.


Unlike your sit down desk, a stand-up desk allows you the freedom to get in your daily dose of exercise while still being productive. If you are having trouble finding time to race to the gym after a long day at work, propping your treadmill under a stand-up desk may just be the solution you are looking for. Not every stand-up desk is built the same so ensure yours is built for supporting a treadmill.

Weight Gain

Those stubborn 5 pounds you’ve been struggling to get rid of may be hanging on because your body isn’t producing the enzymes that burn fat while sitting. These fat-burning friends decline up to 90% just after one hour of sitting.

Immunity is Non-Existent

Staying stationary for extended periods of time is equally detrimental to the physically active amongst us. Sitting for too long falls under that horrid saying, “too much of a good thing is bad”. Creating an ergonomic work environment for yourself that includes a stand-up desk should be taken as seriously as any exercise routine you include in your life.


Being the person everyone in the office talks about isn’t something one often wishes for when the usual gossip revolves around who made out with the boss’ nephew at the last work retreat. But when the chatter becomes how your new desk is the envy of every health-junkie in sight, you just can’t complain.

Making Work a Healthy Part of Your Life

The adjustments we make to our lifestyle and routine that affect our overall health can range from what we decide to eat for lunch to which shoes we wear on the commute home. Making the switch to a stand-up desk may be one of the best adjustments you can make for yourself, for your overall health, and most importantly for your life.

Julie Morgan works with Clutter B Gone, a professional organizing company that helps to create organized office environments.  Get more organizing and productivity tips by following them on Facebook.

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