Women’s History Month Spotlight: Judy Byington – Author of “Twenty-Two Faces”

Judy Byington

Name and Occupation:
Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, retired; CEO, Trauma Research Center, former Supervisor, Alberta Mental Health, Director, Provo Family Counseling Center and Author, “Twenty-Two Faces: Inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and Her Twenty-Two Multiple Personalities”

What do you love about being a woman?
How women are able to share their true feelings to help and support each other; how a loving mother can make a difference in her childrens lives and how women tend to stand up for truth despite the consequences.

What do you hate about being a woman?
How some think that you cannot accomplish just because you are a woman.

Who influences you?

Something about you that would surprise people?
I am a mother to 8 and grandmother to 21 who has dedicated her life to humanizing and raising public awareness about the little-known effects of ritual abuse and mind-control programming that tragically cause formation of multiple personalities in children. My book 22 Faces is the biography of the only known survivor-intended-victim of a human sacrificial ceremony 53 year-old Jenny Hill (who is also a grandmother) Jenny and I are risking our lives to publish it. For the past 20 years I have interviewed hundreds of ritual abuse survivors like Jenny, therapists and families of missing children, followed activities of eight satanic covens here in Utah while consulting on satanic crime with legal entities including the Utah Attorney General Office of Special Investigations. My and Jenny’s January 11 2013 appearance on the Dr. Phil show uncovers the producers and society’s denial that ritual abuse exists. For details, read our Open Letters to Dr. Phil, and comments beneath them on our website: www.22faces.com

Anything else you`d like to add?
I know of thousands of ritual abuse survivors like Jenny and the over 900 therapists who treat them. I am personally acquainted with over 90 survivors and meet new ones almost daily through book signings and our website: www.22faces.com. The ritual abuse of children by their close relatives is a rampant problem in our society that needs to be addressed. Jenny and my purpose in publishing 22 Faces is to expose this horrible child abuse that is so traumatizing that it severs the personality.


  1. I honestly can’t believe anyone that isn’t associated with Judy Byington would feature her on a website as an example of anything other than a scam artist. She took advantage of a severely mentally ill patient in order to make money. That’s all she did. If you think this lady is trying to “help” people, you just aren’t very smart.

  2. I’m very disappointed that you would feature an author who exploits and abuses women on the merit that she herself is a woman and therefore deserves a spotlight. Aside from the ridiculously bad writing of the book itself, her detestable appearance on the Dr. Phil show clears up any confusion on why she is not a legally licensed therapist in the state of Utah (and has not been for more than a decade, meaning that she was acting as a therapist for most of the Jenny Hill story unethically). The FBI has released numerous reports that the activity supported as “Ritual Abuse” by Ms. Byington is fiction.

    I really encourage you to reconsider offering a spotlight to someone who has a partially fabricated and entirely problematic C.V.


  3. Dangerous Lee, great article. Judy has been stalked and harassed on the Internet by the commenter below. Yet she continues to have the courage to tell Jenny’s story of being horribly abused. Neither Judy nor her followers support the jailing of anyone on false charges. The attacks on Felicity Lee are lies. Her review was not removed for sockpuppeting.

    The link to the Austin Chronicle article goes to an article that only tells the story of the defendant in the case. The defendant has tried to appeal the case and has lost every time. Years ago, when she heard she would be charged with the crime, she tried to leave the country. Judy fully respected Jenny on the Dr. Phil show. She has always fully respected and supported her. The only ones attacking Judy about the show are those that didn’t believe her in the first place. Many families of abused children either try to cover up or deny the abuse that happened to the child that tells the truth about the abuse. This is what is happening to Jenny here.

    There is no evidence that the letter from the attorney general’s office is real. Why would an attorney general’s office write an anonymous person and tell them about the status of one of their investigators? The Castlewood case has barely started yet and there is no evidence showing any wrongdoing. Castlewood and the people accused have denied any wrongdoing.

    Dangerous Lee, I hope you will continue to have the courage to support women like Jenny and Judy and will not be swayed by those that stalk and harass them and want to silence them.

  4. Her being featured at this website does not mean that she is being endorsed in any way. Her feature has increased the conversation on mental illness. IT seems some love her and some hate her. That doesn’t mean she should not have the opportunity to state her side. Thanks for your comments and information.

  5. Ms. Lee, you wrote: “No, I have not read her book. It’s Women’s History Month. That is the reason for Judy’s feature. She is a woman and she has made notable accomplishments.”

    I encourage you to research her objectively, Ms. Lee. Most notably, she and her followers openly support the jailing of women and minorities for false claims and trumped-up evidence. Here is a recently article on a woman jailed for false claims of the exact kind of manufactured abuse Ms. Byington claims in her book. It’s a tragedy. You will notice a comment by a “Felicity Lee.” Felicity is one of Byington’s chief defenders and had her review of Byington’s book pulled off Amazon for sockpuppeting after it was revealed Lee had a third party status for selling the book.


    Both Byington and Felicity take issue with the journalist and call her a poor journalist. In particular, Felicity urges us to Google the journalist’s name and “false memory”. I did and this the article I came up with http://www.thecrimereport.org/news/inside-criminal-justice/2011-06-false-memories-the-perils-of-eyewitness-ids

    Please read it. It’s the tragic case of a black man who spent 27 years in jail for a crime he did not commit. DNA evidence cleared him. His only crime only crime was driving while black. We should have more such “poor journalists”!

    In addition, if you had viewed Ms.Byington’s Dr. Phil appearance you would see some detestable behavior toward the mentally vulnerable woman in the book. It’s quite sickening and a number of people have said so. Ms. Byington could barely keep up with the onslaught of outrage when that show aired.

    Ms. Hill’s own sister has posted on the Internet how Judy has taken advantage of her sister. http://robsteffen.com/folio/family-statement/

    In addition, Judy’s own Attorney General’s office has called her “a liar.” http://www.dysgenics.com/2012/12/02/the-two-faces-of-judy-byington/
    (You can contact that office for verification of the statement that Ms. Byington lied about her connections with that office.)

    If you want to see the harm the type of beliefs in this book can cause, look at a recent case in St. Lois where a women were driven to near suicide by this Satanic Repressed Memory therapy. http://www.kmov.com/news/editors-pick/Castelwood-Treatment-Center-Lawsuits-178973201.html

    Please, Ms. Lee, help women; don’t hurt them by endorsing this kind of behavior..

  6. Thank you for featuring Ms. Byington. There are tens of thousands of survivors of organized extreme abuse, torture, and trafficking, but our stories are regularly denied, and we are often subject to attack when we attempt to go public. Some people find the extremity, and sometimes the odd circumstances of the abuse, too painful to accept or integrate into their worldviews. Some people engage in and profit from crimes against children and will not see their activities threatened by an awareness campaign. There is a small subset of these two groups who are committed to attacking online anyone who advocates for survivors of extreme abuse. Be prepared, your comment section may become yet another field in the ongoing battle.

  7. No, I have not read her book. It’s Women’s History Month. That is the reason for Judy’s feature. She is a woman and she has made notable accomplishments.

  8. Dangerous Lee, Did you read this book? It’s horribly written for one thing. Secondly, the claims made are so ridiculous it takes away from other survivors of child abuse. It’s a true shame.

  9. it’s great to hear about people – especially women – who are standing up for the truth, regardless of consequences

    you are an inspiration to us all Judy!

  10. Yo passing stranger, u must be one of those clowns who protect pedophiles or worse, who have nothing else better to do than chase yo tail round the net and harass people who work to expose child abuse esp ritual abuse. Man ur a broken record – dude, best take yo marbles and play in the sand box where yo belong!!


  11. Byington is a proven liar and, frankly, a nutcase. There is absolutely no evidence that Satanic Ritual abuse actual exists.

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