How To Sneakily Increase Your Boyfriend’s Fashion Sense

You’ve found the perfect guy but his dress sense is lacking. That can be changed. It only takes a few steps. The following article lists some simple ways to encourage your man to take more pride in his clothes and general appearance.

It’s Not A Race

You to keep in mind that this is not a sprint, take your time. Changes take time. His had his own style for a long period of time so it’ll be no surprise if he is resistant to change. He needs to adopt a more fashionable sense and therefore won’t be too quick to switch. Start sooner rather than later to avoid a rushed feeling.

Step Silently

He most likely hasn’t asked for your help so you need to tread lightly. This is a more strategic approach. If you just come out and tell him he may feel as though you are trying to change him. That’s not that case, you are just trying to tidy him up around the edges. You need to be slow to avoid him feeling hurt and getting defensive.

well dressed black men

Lets Go Shopping

Plan a shopping trip together. Let him know that he will be the center of attention for this outing and not will be dragged around. This will avoid him trying to get out of it. Don’t hint that you are trying to make him over just make casual suggestions of what you think he would look good in. Just let him know what you would like to see him in that should be enough encouragement. Take him into some of your favorite shops, for example General Pants Co.

Set An Example

Buy him something first to set the trend. It’s a way of showing him that this is what you would like to see him wearing. Encourage him to wear it and compliment him, boys need reassurance too. You need to be persistent and patient because it is more than likely he will resist at first.


Rewards make all the difference. You assured him that you loved him in that shirt and that you thought it made him look more appealing. Now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is, so to speak. You can’t be all talk.


Last but not least, you need to be flexible. This is not going to happen overnight. He may have a different idea of style to you so you need to be accepting of this. You don’t want him wearing something that his not confident and comfortable in. Stay open to possibilities and perhaps you can come to a mutual agreement. Just remember that you don’t want to lose the guy that you fell for to begin with. Keep it light and remember it’s about the clothes, not him.

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