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Women’s History Month Spotlight: Barbara Corrado Pope – Fiction Writer


Name & Occupation:

Barbara Corrado Pope, fiction writer Professor Emerita, Women’s and Gender Studies, University of Oregon

What do I love about being a woman?

That I am living at a time and place that I can do anything that men can do. I have had an opportunity (as a historian) to see what women have achieved in the past and to inform others. I consider the ability to bear a child (and to choose when to have one) the special gift of womanhood in the late 20th- and early 21st- century. I also treasure my relationship with other women.

What don’t you like about being a woman?

That appearances matter so much. This is where men are SO MUCH luckier!

Who or  what influences you?

I’m more influenced by people around me, those I know, than by any “famous” person. I look at my friends and intimates, what they do, how kindly or graciously they do it, what they have achieved, and try to live up
to them as a friend, mother, partner, and daughter.

Something that would shock people?

I’m really boring! On the outside I seem quite practical and rational, part of my having been an administrator as well as a teacher/advisor. On the inside, I am a dreamer and a day-dreamer–but sorry, not going to tell you any more about that—not now!

Anything else you’d like to add?

I have  taught history and women’s studies in places as diverse as Hungary, Tuscany, the University of New Mexico, and Harvard Divinity School. Her longest period was at the University of Oregon, where she was the founding director of women’s studies. She is the author of Cézanne’s Quarry and The Blood of Lorraine, also featuring Bernard Martin and lives in Eugene, Oregon.


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