Good And Bad Things About A Secret Relationship


The traditional unwritten rules of a relationship are still very closely followed by many people but there are plenty of others who like to step outside of these conditions. One of the ways that some decide to do things differently in this respect is to have a relationship with someone and to neglect to tell anyone at all. A secret relationship is certainly not unheard of and although there are aspects that could be seen by some as a positive there are also a number of drawbacks. It is easy to underestimate just how difficult it is to keep a secret as big as this and although it is not in the same league as having an affair the chances are that it will come out sooner or later. Here are some of the pros and cons of keeping your relationship secret from everyone else.

No trouble from jealous ex-partners

There are a few different reasons why two people would decide to have a secret relationship and perhaps the biggest is the hassle that could come from ex-partners who are not able to move on with their lives. If you do not tell anyone then it is purely your business and you will receive no interference from the jealous person they may have once been with.

Unable to share the good parts

On the flip side of a union like this you will not be able to share with anyone else how good the relationship makes you feel. People will assume that you are single when you are not and could even try to set you up with others they think would be ideal. Besides missing out on the good parts of it being out in the open you are also unable to seek advice from someone if you need it.

Not worrying about the approval of others

Sometimes a friend or family member may disapprove of the person you have been seeing but if you keep it a secret then you remove this possibility. You do not have to concern yourself with how others view your relationship but some would see this as a sign of a lack of confidence in what you have together.

The limited potential of the relationship

A question that seems to get asked in a relationship is ‘where is it leading to?’, and if you keep it a secret then this will surely play on your mind even more. If you are in a relationship that is so exclusive that nobody else knows then it greatly limits the possibility of it truly developing in so many ways.

Naresh Sharma and his partner kept their relationship a secret at first but they soon decided to get it out in the open.


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