Women’s History Month Spotlight: Vannessa Wade – PR Specialist

Vannessa Pic

Name and Occupation:
Vannessa Wade PR Specialist

What do you love about being a woman?
The ability to multitask and inspire women to be bold and fierce while still being a woman. The undeniable mark I get to make in the community and business world while juggling three or four other things.

What do you hate about being a woman?
I think it falls under the way women are portrayed as either helpless, needy, sex object or a hard nose. In reality women know how to stick together and how to get things going. We aren’t always at one another throats and we certainly know how to support one another visions. Despite what is shown on TV and in songs we don’t all behave the same way.

Who influences you?
People who decide to live their lives without regret. Women and men who see opportunities and help others reach their goals.I am influenced by women who have been knocked down, stepped on and still made a choice to get up and receive the good that life has to offer. Those who have the courage to start over even when it is embarrassing. I am influenced by women who own who they are and are happy in their own skin.

Something about you that would surprise people?
I know the lyrics to Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems by Biggie and Diddy.

Anything else you`d like to add?
It is time for sisterhood! Not constant fights and I am better than you type of shows. But real and transparent relationships. My best friends have seen me at my best ( money, clothing, etc) and my worse (extreme sickness and depression) they respect me and boost me up even on my worst day.

Also, in in 2010 I had a major Sickle Cell Crisis that nearly resulted in death. I was unable to walk for weeks and the crisis did extensive damage to the nerves in my legs. As women we have to accept life as it happens and learn to adjust without losing faith in ourselves. Now, I share my stories with students and others about how to bonce back when life does not play out the way we think it should.



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