Slap-Dash Designs: Rihanna Suffers Fashion Week Flop


It’s been a long time coming and the build-up has been quite immense, but the latest River Island and Rihanna fashion collaboration has finally arrived on the back of the glam grandeur that is London Fashion Week. You wouldn’t be chastised for predicting that – after RiRi’s success in singing, modelling, acting and producing – her leap into the world of designing would be equally as successful. Unfortunately, just as the Mayans got it wrong re the end of the world, Rihanna’s foray into fashion just didn’t quite hit the target, despite the guidance from the folks at River Island.

Beginning of the End

The media has been abuzz with degrees of disappointment surrounding the Rihanna and River Island show at London Fashion Week ’13 and although the show was technically off-schedule, there were celebs aplenty in attendance. Things didn’t start off on a great note as RiRi arrived an hour late for the 9-minute show which most probably induced itchy feet for those with their dancing shoes on in anticipation for the Saturday night after-parties.

Cringe-worthy Couture

Once the models did hit the runway and the audience turned their phones back onto flight mode, a series of fashion crash-landings followed (or rather crashes; crash-landings suggest that passengers were salvaged). Rihanna’s ever-strengthening friendship with Cara Delavigne saw the 20 year-old British Model of the Year 2012 FROWing, as she eagerly anticipated what her compadre had in store. With the bizarre – but not really in a good way – collection that was showcased, Cara may have wished for momentary disassociation from the fledgling designer.

Scape ‘Coat’

If the fashion show had turned out a right success then Rihanna would’ve been no doubt hailed as a designer destined for great things, as was the case with Victoria Beckham when she first entered the scene. However now that many people have dismissed her line as a series of fashion faux-pas, her biggest fans are casting attention to the fact that the clothes were not technically designed by Rihanna herself. In a sense handing over most of the creative kickback to her River Island co-designer, Adam Selman.

In a few long winded compound sentences, here is what RiRi’s AW13 show really consisted of:

  • Unnaturally-long-one-wrong-move-and-this-zip-breaks-to-bare-all-slit-skirts.
  • Last-minute-let’s-just-throw-in-that-baywatch-one-piece.
  • We’ve-run-out-of-denim-but-let’s-use-what-we-have.

The golden thread throughout was definitely a severe lack of upper-body coverage – uninspiring bras for a stylish night out, anyone?

All in all the River Island and Rihanna fashion collab may just have to take a back seat for now and all we can hope for is that the established brand’s name  isn’t tarnished too much and insist that for Rihanna it’s back to the drawing board, or perhaps the recording studio.

Dave Peterson has had an eye for fashion from a young age. He would get hold of his mother’s sewing kit and fashion his own creations. Although he’s never actually designed a mens shirt, he often travels the world, constructed around various fashion weeks, always documenting the experience.

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