Funky Ways To Recycle T Shirts


T shirts are quite popular amongst both men and women of all ages. They too can get old and outdated like other garments but there are always some tricks and tips to make them new and used again. Here are a few of them.

Cutting the Sleeves Off

Sleeves can be cut off from shoulders length or from the middle of the sleeves to make them new again, furthermore, in case summers have arrived, this cutting of sleeves can make them suitable summer wear.

Turning Shirts Inside Out

Another bright idea to recycle T shirts is to turn them inside out and then cutting the stitched areas and collars and cuffs with scissors. While doing so, it has to be kept in mind that maximum part of a T shirt has to remain intact. Otherwise the whole shirt will tear apart.


There are always some cool designs to be found that can be copied in order to make identical designs on T shirts. Colored sprays are not much expensive to find in the market, sprays that are specifically oriented to color T shirts are also available in the market. These sprays can be used to first make a desirable design and then to fill it with a desirable color.

Dyeing the T Shirts

Dyeing is another very good option when it comes to customizing or recycling T shirts for reuse. If one is bored wearing a same shirt over and over again and wished to try something new; but the fabric still holds its place, then there is an option to let the shirt have its color changed to something else. This way it gets recycled to become all new with very little expense.

Adding Accessories

Almost every house has old earnings and such accessories that are there but not being used. It will not be a good idea to make a better use of them than letting them rot in the corner of a shelf. Such earnings and other simpler jewelry items can be added to the T shirt by hanging them or stitching them on it. This gives them a whole new look and they barely look like the shirt they were before.

Cutting the Shoulders Off

Women can practice this thing with their older shirts by cutting their shoulders off. This makes them fit if the shoulders would have grown tighter and also adds a style to the existing short piece. By improvising a little and cutting the shirt from one shoulder all the way to the other horizontally, a long neck shirt can be made that is yet again a fashion. Similar designs are being made to sell some very cheap custom t-shirts to people who do not know how to do this themselves.

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