10 Ways To Keep Your Home Cool Without A/C


Keeping the home cool during summer can be very challenging. Today, most people use air conditioners for their homes, but not all people can afford them. So if you want to keep your home cool without air conditioners, there are many options for doing that. Let us see what those options are.

1) Allow the movement of air in your home. The basic thing you should remember is that hot air must be allowed to go out of the home and allow new and fresh air to come into home. While building the home itself, you have to build it in such a position that it allows sufficient movement of air.

2) Windows: Your home should have windows in every room. There should be at least one window in every room and they should face the back or side of your home rather than road, because cooler air comes from sides, not from the roadside.

3) Have a fan in your home. Ceiling fans are better than table fans as they consume less electricity and besides that they also give a decorative look to the home. They don’t consume useful space inside the home. So have a ceiling fan in every room of your home.

4) If you have a table fan, there is another wonderful option for you to increase the coolness of air coming from it. You can place a jug of cool water or ice in front of it to get cool air.

5) Identify what are the things that are responsible for excessive heat inside the home and try to avoid or minimize their use as much as possible. Fireplaces, electric stoves etc are the main devices which make the home warmer. So use them only when it is absolutely necessary and otherwise don’t use them.

6) Minimize the usage of any electronic equipment as much as possible. If you have incandescent bulbs in your home, they surely increase the room temperature. So replace them with CFL tubes.

7) Humidity of the atmosphere is another thing that keeps the home cooler. So if you want to do laundry or want to take a bath, do it early in the morning. It creates humidity in the atmosphere and that keeps the home cool the whole day.

8) Insulate the attic place very well. Selecting the kind of material for the roofs is also important for keeping the home cool. It is always better to choose materials coming from plant source for your attic, as they are natural and keep the entire home cool all the time.

9) Maintain a garden in the surroundings of the home. There are different kinds of trees which keep the entire environment cool. Trees like neem, mango, jack tree etc are the important trees that you should have in your garden.

10) Keep some small flowering plants inside the home in pots. Basil, rose etc are such important plants. They provide you double benefits. Along with cooling the air cool, they also give out wonderful aroma, thereby refreshing your mind to a great extent.

Josie is a business blogger passionate about home improvement ideas. She works as a supplier of ducted air conditioning.

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