Weird And Wonderful ‘Couples’ Apps To Put A Techno-Spark In Your Love Life


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Technology is so clever these days! Couples all over the world are keeping their relationships fresh and exciting by making use of phone and web-based applications. Whether it’s to help ease the difficulty of long distance relationships, or to regain the spark in a tired sex life, here are just a few handheld helpers guaranteed to get you and your partner connected on a whole new level!

Going the Distance

Need space to share memories, messages and pictures? Between, the social media app just for couples, allows you and your beau to upload your own special things to a private space. If you don’t see each other often, it’s a good way to treasure your precious time together. It’s free to download, and its simple design makes it ultra user-friendly.

Free Picture Editor

Got a hot picture of your beloved, but those damn clothes are getting in the way of your enjoyment? The Amateur Erotic Picture Maker is here to help! Upload your image and get creative, placing ‘bubbles’ over clothing to give the impression of a much naughtier snapshot! This app is free and you can check it out here. Be warned: if you do this to images of someone you shouldn’t, expect consequences!

Call the Shots

Want to spice things up a little? The Hot Dice sex and foreplay app is a virtual decision dice, offering kinky ideas for you and your partner. Costing a mere 69p, this programme could warm up the coldest of nights. With all its suggestions, you could find yourself experimenting more than you thought- whatever you do, it’s all in the roll of a dice!

Ideas Factory

Want to add a little sizzle to your private time, but not sure where to start? Kindu is your new bible. This wonderful app offers over 600 romantic and kinky ideas that you and your partner can narrow down by rating each depending on what tickles your fancy! It’s a great way of discussing ideas if you’re too shy to say it out loud, and you never know what mutual desires you find. Perhaps you both want to try using a bunny vibrator, or a role-play game? The sky’s the limit!

Do you Dare?

The classic game of Truth or Dare is given a sexy twist in this app. Answer naughty questions to unlock sexy points on 3 rounds in each of the 2 levels!  Kinky Truth or Dare can be found by searching in your smart phone’s app store. How far can you go? And will you be surprised by your partner’s daring?

What do you think would make a great naughty app? Comment below!

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Stephanie Broad is an entertainment and lifestyle journalist who enjoys the fun technology can bring. She writes for Adult Toys UK.

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