Top 4 Sea Monster Movies


Horror movie – do you like it? Getting petrified, screaming and dreaming about the horrifying scenes of a movie. What do all these signify? Yes, you have got it right! This is a clear indication that you have watched a horror movie. For the Halloween you must have collected a series of monster movies. Haven’t you? How about sea monsters? Well, according to the horror theme, a list of the finest sea monster movies is offered on your entertainment palate. Enjoy!!

  • Gwoemul (The Host)

This is a South Korean horror movie. Once you see the movie, you will at once get captivated by it. This movie features the genuine monster movie tropes. Here you will find how a monster rising from Han River wreck havoc over the general public. Its effective FX, sharp characters and wicked humor raises this movie above fray. Judge the movie not by words but by seeing it.

  • Deep Blue Sea

This is a thriller movie that takes you deep into the sea. A floating science lab is being showed in this movie. The researchers were exploring the hyper-intelligent sharks and suddenly things went horrifyingly awry. There are certain science-y talks in the movie that you will like to learn. If you desire to watch some hood action, this movie is the best for you.

Havoc wreaking, a hurricane hitting a station, underwater station flood, breaking in of the dangerous sharks are some of the thrilling sights you will love to watch. LL Cool J is the station cook in the movie who kept the audience engaged with his panicky jokes. Saffron Burrows is the emotionless sexy scientist who is to be blamed for the entire shark problem. You will be amazed to see the intelligence of Thomas Jane, the shark expert.

The movie is a battle between humans and shark – don’t you like to be the witness of this battle?

  • Lake Placid

Betty White is what makes this movie so great to you. What is this Betty White? It is a giant crocodile that drags cows into the water to feed on them. You must have heard of the crocs rumor in your childhood. Now, you will get to see them right in front of you. The childhood anxiety and fun is back again! What you are stepping? – This fear will continuously be aroused within you throughout the film.

Lake Placid is a serious movie and there are some moments in this horror picture that will make you jump out of your seat. This movie is really awesome!

  • Jaws

This is one movie that will make you love movies in general. This is another movie related to shark which awakened the whole resort town. You know this is the first blockbuster movie across the nation? This movie shows two small notes playing in tuba without knowing that danger is waiting round the corners for them. What makes this film unique from others is – this can happen. Shark attacks on surfers and swimmers are a headline each summer. Watch out the movie!

Author’s Bio: Charles Malcolm is a movie blogger. His blogs gives readers enjoyment with the latest movie reviews and news. He is highly fascinated with the Showtime, one of the popular DISH Network channels for its wide collection of the latest movies.

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