The Dangers of Butt Implants


Like any kind of surgical procedure, getting butt implants have some risk for the patient. Risks are typically very low for cosmetic procedures such as this, but it is still important to be informed of all dangers should the worst happen.

Implant Breaks – While it is very rare for this to occur, implants are capable of breaking. If this happens they need to be replaced. The good news is since the procedure was already done, the insertions have already been made, so it should go smoothly and quickly.

Fluid Collections – At times a clear fluid called seroma develops around the implant. When this occurs, a simple office visit to drain it out will fix it.

More Surgery – Some patients forget that a foreign object is being inserted into their body. Like other surgeries that do this, revisions may need to be made. This can happen if the implants are too large, too small or they need to be adjusted to suit the patient’s wishes.

Skin Damage – After the procedure, it is possible for skin to scar or stretch. At times this is only temporary, but it can be permanent.

Infections – This can happen with any surgical procedure, and should be dealt with as soon as possible. When this occurs in butt implants, the implants will be taken out until the infection is clear, at which time they can be put back in.

Nerve Damage – Nerves can be injured during the operation but it is very rare. What is common is numbness, but this goes away after a short time.

Bleeding – Bleeding can occur during or after any procedure. The worst case scenario will require another surgery to stop the bleeding, but this seldom occurs.

General Pain – Pain can be somewhat severe, but it is mitigated through strong pain medications. Pain can last up to a month, but the severe pain usually only lasts around a week.

Loss of Time From Work – Time is money after all. After an operation such as this patients will not be able to go to work for a predicted time based on how the procedure went.

These are some dangers of getting butt implants. They are pretty rare but can happen. As with a cosmetic procedure, it is important for potential patients to do thorough research and find the right surgeon. Checking to see whether they have official certifications is essential for both quality, and safety when having surgery done.

Dr. Simopoulos is a cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills. Butts by Dr. 90210 is a hot place to get work done.

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