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Farmers Markets: What You Need To Know


All across the country local farmers, ranchers, and food producers come together to sell their goods to nearby communities at farmers markets. Farmers markets are a great place to pick up fresh meat and produce, socialize with friends and family, and find opportunities to get involved in your community. Locally grown and produced goods provide many benefits for the farmers, communities, and consumers involved.

When farmers and producers prepare their goods for local markets, they cut out all the complications and fees that come with selling to large grocery stores and wholesalers. They are able to make more profit when they sell directly to consumers. Other costs are cut in regards to transportation, refrigeration, and storage. By bringing their food to outdoor markets, expenses for selling their food and other goods are low or non existent. Farmers are able to deliver the freshest, most natural product to the consumer.

As a consumer, it’s important that we get the freshest product for the best price. Locating local farmers markets and knowing when they’re open will give you this option. These markets gives locals access to organically grown and fresh picked fruits and veggies, free range eggs and chicken, and pasture raised meats. All of these items are fresh and have been prepared to sell quickly. Taking an outdoor stroll at the farmers market gets residents out in the fresh air, talking to the farmers and producers of the goods, and mingling with neighbors and the community. Shopping at these local markets get consumers a much higher quality of food for lower prices than in supermarkets.

Farmers markets bring a large amount of people together for fresh produce and other goods. People come from surrounding rural and urban areas to buy food and find unique products. Communities that host year round and seasonal markets bring revenue to hometown businesses and residents in the surrounding areas. Crowds from these markets funnels shoppers into local businesses. After strolling around the farmers market, people will venture to local restaurants for brunch, stop in for a cup of coffee, and visit antique stores to complete a relaxing afternoon. Local activities also have a chance for community outreach and involvement.

While some may think that health food stores are their only options for fresh meats and produce, and that these kinds of markets are hard to find, think again. There are many year round farmers markets all across the country, and seasonal markets in other areas.

About the Author: Michelle is a blogger for Forward Home Security. She loves DIY projects, cooking, spending hours on Pinterest, and hanging out with her cat, Zoie.

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