Facts About Coconut Oil


You’ve been hearing all about it. It’s taken top spot as the new super food in the past year. It’s all over Pinterest as the “best kept beauty secret” and natural food junkies are ditching their cooking oils for this tropical miracle. If you haven’t jumped on the coconut train yet, we want to give you the inside scoop and let you know why everyone is so crazy over this product.

The Facts

Coconut oil is a safe and natural oil extracted from the “meat” of ripe coconuts. This tropical cure all is safe on the skin, a healthy source of fat, and is quickly becoming available to more of the population than just fancy health food stores. When purchasing, look for Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. It should be stored in a dry location. With a very specific melting and solidifying point, a couple degree differences in your home will change the state of the product.


This oil is quickly replacing the typical moisturizer and smell good lotion. Take a dime sized amount, warm it between your hands, and apply to your skin, tame those flyaways, or apply to your face as a daily moisturizer. With its clean smell, it doesn’t require any fragrance or cover up.

Many women have testified to improving the condition of their hair and a blemish free face to this oil.


Replace your vegetable, olive, and sunflower seed oil with coconut oil. Coconut oil is a saturated fat that is completely natural and safe for cooking and eating. It is stable at higher heats when cooking on the stove, and it’s fantastic for baking. Coat your pan with it the same way as with other oils or sprays. Some recopies even call to cover the food with it.

It’s perfect for cooking meats, veggies, eggs, and other stove  top or oven snacks. And it does not leave your food tasting like coconut.

For a related sweetener, check your local natural food store for coconut sugar.

Other uses:

Here are some other uses we found for coconut oil from Coconut Oil Tips and others.

Body Butter

Eye Makeup Remover

Cuticle Oil

Shave Cream


Boosts Metabolism

Cold Sore Healer

Dandruff Remedy


Sooth Hangnails

Lip Balm


Frizz Tamer

Bug Bite Relief

Soothes Burns

Heals Cuts and Scrapes

Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream

What home remedies or recopies have you found for Coconut Oil?

About the Author: Michelle is a blogger for Forward Home Security. She loves DIY projects, beauty secrets, spending hours on Pinterest, and hanging out with her cat, Zoie.

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