5 Great Women With Curves

Sometimes magazines and TV shows can seem to be chock full of super slender, glamorous stars. It can make those of us with a considerably more average figure of a size 14 plus feel a bit down beat. Things are certainly improving on the High Street for women with curves but a little inspiration from some of our favourite celebrity women who rock their curves will never go amiss. Here are five leading larger than life ladies who look fabulous.

Dawn French


Dawn is quite simply utterly brilliant. She has starred in some of the UK’s favorite comedies including French and Saunders, the Vicar of Dibley and Roger and Val. To top off the fact that she can have us in stitches with a simple lift of an eyebrow, she also happens to be gorgeous. She has often been quoted as saying that she loved her body the way it was, no matter how large she became. Though she has lost weight in recent times as she was concerned for health reasons, on a personal level she claims to still miss her former body. Nevertheless, her trademark dark, healthy bobbed hair and sparkling eyes never fail be a winner. She has a sense of glamour and, though quite reclusive, on the occasions she takes to the spotlight, she looks every inch stunningly confident.

Nigella Lawson


Nigella loves food. She makes no secret of that fact and openly states that she will not compromise her love of life and food to change the way she looks. She is blessed with a curvaceous, hourglass body but she also knows how to max it out on sex appeal too. She sticks to classic looks that she knows work for her body. She is most often to be seen in black dresses that cinch in at the waist, on the whole finishing at the knee to make the most of her fabulous lower legs.

Kirsty Allsop


Kirsty is another classic British curvy lady. She is the property expert we all wish was our estate agent and failing that we’d just love to have her as one of our friends. Watching her show, Kirsty’s Vintage Home, it looks like she would throw a great party. She is another celebrity who really sticks to what she knows suits her figure and feels confident in. Her trademark look is a fit and flare style dress, with a little fifties inspiration. Her dresses are eclectic in their bold patterns but they are uniform in that they almost always feature a cinched in waist and a full flared skirt. Shirt dresses are favorite choices and they work wonders to give her curves a fantastic hourglass look. It’s certainly an easy look to replicate for those of us without the sparkling TV career too.

Lisa Riley


Lisa is a big bundle of fun and we can’t help being just that little bit more fonder of her following her stunning appearances in Strictly Come Dancing. She is pure inspiration and certainly didn’t let her larger than life appearance stop her from enjoying a boogie. She showed off her moves and curves despite criticism from judges and elements of the public. Lisa certainly isn’t a subtle person. Her big personality is reflected in bold fashion choices. She’s certainly not one to stick to black head to toe. She enjoys playing with fashion and her fabulous smile is enough to help her carry off any look with a sense of fun.



Pop sensation Adele is taking the world by storm with her music but she’s also really upped the ante in the fashion stakes too. Her look has been transformed from a bit of a dowdy wannabe pop star to every bit the glamour queen. Though she has a tendency to stick to her trademark black, she wears it with style. Her favorite choices, like both Kirsty and Nigella are dresses that emphasis her curves and boost her hourglass figure with nipped in waists. You won’t catch this singing sensation covering up with a tent like creation.

This author is a advocate of figure flattering fashion for ladies over 40, having reached the magic milestone she is looking for retailers who offer a wide range of clothing including dresses, blouses, ladies trouser and stylish separates.

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